The export of software, hardware and knowledge-based products to Russia and the Eurasian region was smoothed


Issa Zarepour, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, announced on his Instagram about the establishment of an agreement for the export of software, hardware and knowledge-based products to Russia and the Eurasian region.

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In an Instagram post describing the details of his trip to Russia, the Minister of Communications wrote: I have been in Moscow since Thursday. Since Tuesday, a delegation consisting of several deputy ministers of the Ministry of Communications and representatives of 26 companies in the field of communications and information technology have come to Russia to negotiate with the Russian parties and prepare the basis for increasing trade and economic relations. Of course, the virtual negotiations between the corresponding Iranian and Russian companies started two months ago, and now these companies have reached operational agreements in face-to-face meetings.


Emphasizing the agreement made in the field of knowledge exchange with the Russian parties, Zarepour continued: This is the first time that a group of the largest private companies in the field of communications and information technology, with the support of the Ministry of Communications, reached the stage of final agreement with the corresponding Russian companies in the field of knowledge exchange. and technology and export of communication and technology goods and services have progressed. With the implementation of the agreements made, from now on, Iranian companies will export knowledge-based products in the fields of telecommunication industries, software and hardware to Russia and the Eurasian region. The current conditions of the international and regional market of communication and information technology have been established in such a way that the success rate of Iranian companies in these markets has multiplied.

The Minister of Communications noted that during his trip he held talks with the head of the Federal Communications Regulatory Agency of Russia, the Minister of Digital Development of Telecommunications and Communications, Mass Media, and also visited the Skolkova Science and Technology Park in Moscow.

Pointing to the signing of several important cooperation documents between the two ministries and private companies of the two sides, Zarepour said: Until today, four cooperation documents have been signed between Iranian and Russian companies and one document has also been signed between the two ministries. With the signing of these documents, bilateral cooperation in the field of communication and information technology will be developed, and the path to the presence of powerful domestic companies in the Russian market and the Eurasian market will be paved. I will gradually tell you the details of the achievements of this trip.

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