The explosion of the Redmi 6A caused the death of a woman in India


An Indian Twitter user recently announced the explosion of a Redmi 6A device in this country and published shocking pictures of the terrible consequences of this incident. According to reports, the victim of this explosion was actually the aunt of the Indian blogger. The body of this woman was discovered yesterday. The story of the Redmi 6A explosion is quite classic in nature: a woman connected her handset to the charging adapter during the night; But the terrible consequences came from the fact that he placed the phone on the pillow and right next to his head.

According to what was heard, this woman used her phone only to make calls and watch videos on YouTube. A Twitter user posted: “My aunt’s body was discovered last night. He was using a Redmi 6A smartphone. He had placed his handphone on the pillow and close to his head, and the explosion of the phone after some time caused his death in his sleep. We are going through bad times now. In such a situation, isn’t a brand required to support its injured users?”


Xiaomi’s local branch in India has already reacted to this incident. The company has announced that it has contacted the family of the deceased person to find out about the circumstances of the accident.

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