The easiest way to create a website shortcut in Windows


In this article, we teach you three practical and simple ways to create shortcuts for different sites in Windows.

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We all use a fixed number of sites every day, sites that we usually visit every day and we need a way to access them quickly. One of these methods is bookmarking that site in the browser we use. But there is an easier way.


You can have Shortcut or shortcuts of the web pages you want on your desktop, which means that next to all the programs, there are icons of the web pages you want so that you can be directed directly to that web page by clicking on them.

Shortcut from the site page is perhaps the easiest way to access the sites we want. If we want to use the bookmark method or save the site as the home page in the browser, we finally have to open the browser.

But in this method, you go directly to the desired website page from the site page without opening any program. In addition, you can have some shortcuts of the pages of your desired sites on your desktop to quickly access the desired page.

In this article, we will teach you three simple methods to create a shortcut from your desired website page on the desktop, stay with IT Rasan:

Create site shortcut by dragging

A quick way to create a shortcut from different sites in Firefox, Chrome and Edge browsers is to drag the open website you want to the desktop. This method also works on many Linux desktops.

To use this method, first open your browser. Then go to the site or web page you want to create a shortcut from.

Then minimize the browser window using Restore Down option or double window (as shown).

Site shortcut

You will see a lock in the corner of the site address in the browser, grab that icon with the mouse and drag it to your desktop screen and release it. Just like that, a shortcut of the desired page was created on your desktop.

Site shortcut

Now you can change the shortcut name of your desired site.

Site shortcut

Creating a shortcut in the traditional way

If you have created a shortcut for other programs on your desktop, you must be familiar with this method. This method uses the traditional Windows shortcut creation method, which is to right-click on your desktop and select New > Shortcut.

Site shortcut

In the “Create Shortcut” window that opens, click on the “Type the Location of the Item” field and enter the exact address of the site you want. For example: To create a shortcut from the ITresan site, enter the following address:

Then click on “Next” at the bottom of the window.

On the page that opens, click on the “Type a Name For This Shortcut” field and enter a name for your shortcut.

Generally, you should use the desired site name as the shortcut name, but you can also enter any other desired name.

Then, at the bottom of the window, click on “Finish”.

Your shortcut is now created and you can double-click it to open the site you want in your computer’s default browser.

Create a shortcut using Chrome

Chrome users can use a built-in feature in the Chrome browser to create desktop shortcuts of their favorite websites. But also pay attention to the fact that this work will run your desired website only in the Chrome browser.

To do this, first launch Chrome on your computer and then open the website you want to create a shortcut from.

Once the site opens, click the three dots in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser and select More Tools > Create Shortcut.

In the “Create Shortcut” box that opens, click on the text field and enter a name for your shortcut.

Then select “Create”.

Now the shortcut of your desired website is created on the desktop, remember that double clicking on this shortcut will open your desired website in Chrome browser and not in any other browser.

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