The Dynamic Island feature in Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro is not optimized for some applications!


Social media users are actively talking about the night streaming interface on Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max. Next, users discuss the incompatibility of the Chinese Tiktok application with the new interface. It was previously announced that many popular apps in China, including WeChat and Tencent Video, are not yet optimized for use with the Dynamic Island feature.

Obviously, WeChat pop-up notifications do not appear in the dynamic island interactive area; Rather, they only appear in the lower part of this area and do not respond to the program in any way. In addition, the menu bar at the top of the Tencent Video program is also covered by the Dynamic Island hole. This issue has made users doubt about the efficiency of the Dynamic Island feature during daily use.


One of the users states in a note: “The size of this area is clearly smaller; But compared to the previous design, the notch looks much uglier.” Another user says: “This black hole directly affects the way I use my mobile phone. The more I look at this design style; It becomes more difficult for me to understand the logic of using it.

According to images provided by Apple, the Dynamic Island feature allows the iPhone 14 Pro to display notifications, reminders, events and other information in interactive blocks of different shapes. Everything looks great in the slides provided by Apple. But how third-party application developers support this feature is still a fundamental question.

The unveiling of the Dynamic Island feature at the recent Apple event

Earlier, it was revealed that at least one of the iPhone 14 stores in China will face a $30,000 fine from Apple due to premature activation of the sold devices. AnTuTu benchmark on one of the iPhone 14 Pro Max devices that was already activated; Done. Accomplished. Next, the access of the Chinese Tiktok application to the handset was blocked.

Dynamic Island characteristic performance in reality

Now the sellers are busy checking the iPhone 14 Pro and showing the performance of the Dynamic Island (even without activating the device). Also, users criticize the heavy weight of iPhone 14 Pro Max as the heaviest handset in the history of Apple.

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