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Issa Zarepour, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, regarding the lack of attention to the development of the communication network infrastructure in the previous government, said: previously, good measures have been taken in the access layer and only in the field of the mobile communication network, but the balance of the development of the country’s communication network has been disturbed. Is.

In a meeting with the activists of the private sector in the field of communication, Zarepour said that the communication network consists of four access layers, the aggregation layer (the network layer within cities and provinces), the inter-province layer, which is at the disposal of the infrastructure company, and the Internet gateway.


He added: In the past and in the access layer, only in the field of mobile communication network, good measures have been taken, which deserves praise and thanks. But in this level of access and in the field of stability, we have a very bad situation due to the lack of balanced development, and in every ranking, our country does not have a good rank in this field.

Pointing out that nothing special has happened in the aggregation layer in the past ten years, the Minister of Communications continued: In the aggregation layer, Iran Telecommunication Company admits that the situation is critical in some provinces, because in the past years, except In two or three provinces, no other serious investment has been made to modernize and develop the communication network, and this issue cannot be hidden.

Zarepour emphasized that some provinces use switches that date back to 20 years ago. However, no matter how much the capacity of the entrance gate is expanded, it will not be useful considering the old infrastructure.

What is the reason for the weak communication network?

Regarding the weakness of the previous government, the Minister of Communications said: Some of the problems we are facing today are due to the unbalanced development that happened in the past. Let’s close the weakness of the past. This causes some friends to become creditors and after the President’s speech in the press conference, they claim that we have basically handed over the Ministry of Communications.

Zarepour explained about his goals in the field of communication network development in the new government: We are trying to devise a high-speed and stable network in all layers of the communication network in the new government. Apart from the development and renovation of the transmission layer, we are also pursuing the access layer with the optical fiber project for homes and businesses, so that at the same time we plan to increase the capacity of the telecommunication network by 70% by the end of the year.

In the end, the Minister of Communications said: In this government, more than 50 thousand billion Tomans have been allocated for the renovation and development of the communication network, which is an unprecedented investment.

The president also blamed the previous government

These words of Zarepour were raised while the president recently blamed the previous government for today’s internet problems in a press conference.

In this regard, Raisi said: The point I have to tell you, media people, is that things should have been done in the past years, in relation to the provision of infrastructure, which have not been done.

He added: Let me state this precisely, if the infrastructure had been completed in the past years, we would not have had a problem now. These problems that you see today are because the infrastructure that should have been done in the field of Internet and communication has not been done. They accept this issue themselves and now we have to make up for the delays.

Azari Jahormi’s response to Raisi’s words

These words were accompanied by the reaction of Mohammad Javad Azari Jahrami, the former Minister of Communications and some members of this ministry in the previous government.

Azari Jahormi wrote in his Telegram channel: For us, this is the achievement that thoughts such as: 128 kbps internet was considered sufficient for the people of Iran, or that the development of the third and fourth generation of mobile phones was considered against the sacred Sharia, or that bringing the internet to the villages, implementing the program We changed what was read as 2030 to the revolutionary ideas of several hundred megabytes internet for homes; Enough. thanks God!

He also published a story on his Instagram account and asked his users if they agree with the president’s words or not.

Zarepour’s reaction to Azari Jahormi’s answer

Accepting the problems of the internet in the current government, Zarepour also responded to Azari Jahormi’s words and said: “People were unhappy with the internet situation in the previous government, and if the communication infrastructure was good in the previous government, people would be happy about the situation that the infrastructure is in.” It is inside the country, they would not protest. Is it right to not allow tariff increases to remain popular, which will eventually lead to the lack of network development?

Members of the previous government reacted to the words of the president and the minister of communications

Hussain Fallah Joshghani, Deputy Minister of Communications of the 12th government, mocking the president’s words, wrote on Twitter: Thank God that the government, with planning, will eliminate the lack of work of the previous government in the development of communication infrastructure and information technology. This issue is clearly evident in the improvement of internet quality in the last year.

Amir Nazmi, Deputy Minister of Communications in the 12th government, in response to the president’s words, said: Today, when the burden of online education is no longer on the shoulders of the Internet network, and in the last few months, the bandwidth consumption of operators has peaked and the network load has decreased, how can people’s complaints Do you transfer the quality of the Internet to the past lack of work? Judgment is always with people, whether you ignore them or know them.

He continued: The infrastructure of the Internet network in the country was developed in such a way that in the difficult conditions of Corona, it carried the burden of all the affairs of people’s lives, from health to education, from business to entertainment and games, although our wish for Iran is more than It was, but that situation was not a big challenge.

Sajjad Benabi, the deputy minister of communications of the 12th government, wrote in response to Zarepour’s statement: Unfortunately, for most people, doubling the price of the Internet is not considered small, and the term “small tariff increase” is not correct. Maybe for only one percent of people, the illegal increase and doubling of the price in 2019 is small. Mr. Judge! One of the goals of the revolution was to take care of the oppressed rather than talking about the position of the wealthy. It’s fine again.

what is your opinion? Do you think that today’s Internet problems have existed since the past and are the responsibility of the previous government, or that the Internet situation has suffered in the last few months and the new government should be held accountable? Let us know what you think by taking the poll below.

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