The demand for Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max is higher compared to the previous generation model


Ming Chikou; The well-known analyst of TF Securities has published his preliminary report on the pre-sale of the latest generation of Apple iPhones. Based on this, the demand for iPhone 14 Pro Max has exceeded last year’s model, i.e. iPhone 13 Pro Max. Thus, the top model in the iPhone 14 family managed to get a “good” rating; While the level of acceptance of iPhone 14 Pro was similar to iPhone 13 Pro and this handset received a “neutral” rating. Finally, 2 other models with the names of iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus also got the “bad” rating.

In general, it seems that the number of pre-sold Apple handsets has decreased compared to last year; But the tendency of customers towards more advanced models of the iPhone 14 series has increased the average selling price of new iPhones. In general, iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus phones account for 45% of the pre-sale volume of the new iPhone family.


Interestingly, according to data provided by Ming-Chi Kuo, demand for the iPhone 14 Plus is even weaker than last year’s iPhone 13 mini. Poor customer reception led to the discontinuation of the iPhone mini, and now it seems that the demand for the iPhone 14 Plus is even lower than for the iPhone SE 2022.

If the trend of weak demand for 2 non-Peru models continues; In this case, it is expected that Apple will reduce its transfer targets for these handsets in the coming weeks. The targeted price increase for Pro models depends on the response from buyers during the pre-sale period. It should be noted that these data are estimated based on the waiting time for the new models of the iPhone 14 series in several major markets. This period of time is equal to 5 and 6 weeks for Pro and Pro Max models, respectively; While the delivery of orders for the other 2 models will begin on the same day they are released to the market.

A few weeks ago, Ming Chiku published a similar report based on offline pre-order statistics in China. In that report, it was announced that the 2 Pro models had a total share of 85% of the pre-orders, and the share of the iPhone 14 Plus was less than 5%. The sale of the iPhone 14 series has not officially started yet. In fact, now Apple is receiving pre-sale orders and the sale of these handsets will start from next Friday (September 16 – September 25). iPhone 14 Plus sales will start next month; But until this moment, the situation does not seem very promising for the aforementioned engineering.

Mr. Ko believes that the results of pre-orders for the iPhone Pro models once again prove that even in the deteriorating economic conditions, Apple still has many loyal and steadfast customers. But this does not mean that Apple will increase the amount of orders for Pro models at once.

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