The decrease in demand has caused the price of LCD panels for smart TVs to drop


The Nikkei Asia website reported a few days ago that the price of LCD panels for smart TVs continues to decrease. Among the prices announced during the month of June, which were determined by the display panel manufacturing companies in China, Taiwan and South Korea and the TV manufacturing company; The price of the 55-inch panel produced by Opencell has been reduced.

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The wholesale price of unfinished products without backlight units fell about 6 percent from May to about $90. Thus, the price of panels has been decreasing for the eleventh month in a row. Therefore, the trend of recording the lowest price records since the beginning of surveys in 2006 continues.


The price of 32-inch panels for small-sized TVs also fell by 15% and set a new price record. The report notes that LCD TV panel pricing will continue to decline. The continuation of high inflation in the world is apparently one of the key reasons for creating such a situation. Continuous inflation has deeply affected the whole world, and the continuation of health concerns and war causes a significant decrease in the rate of economic growth in the world.

The changing needs of customers have caused doubts about the amount of demand for buying televisions. For example, instead of paying for new electronic devices, people now have a sample of it; They prefer to provide the essential items of their life. For example, a person who has a suitable smart TV; before thinking about upgrading it to a newer model; He asks himself that despite the good functioning of the old TV, what is the need to buy a new model? Therefore, technical advances are not necessarily a real reason to upgrade existing devices.

However, the situation for small TVs is still somewhat promising. According to reports, TV panel factories in China are already expanding the production of 32-inch LCD panels. In the past, 55-inch products were the priority of companies due to their higher profit margin; However, now these panels are experiencing unfavorable conditions in the market. Therefore, factories will expand the supply of small products. These smart TVs are commercialized at lower prices. In addition, some users want to save money regardless of the screen size.

According to supply chain reports, TV manufacturing companies are likely to face tough times. At the same time, several smartphone manufacturing companies have also started the process of making smart TVs. Samsung, which has always been considered as one of the top players in the field of LCD panels business; will stop its activity in this area. Thus, the Korean giant will focus on the production of old panels and futuristic technologies. However, it is not yet clear whether old panels will fare better with a higher price.

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