The deadline for car importation has been announced


Meanwhile, last week, Minister Sammat announced that the import of cars will start this week. However, the spokesperson of Majlis Industries and Mines announced that the import of foreign cars will start within the next two weeks.

Ruhollah Abbaspour, the representative of the people of Qazvin in the parliament, quoted the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade and announced that the import of cars will be done in the next two weeks.


According to these words, it seems that the import of the car will happen after many struggles during this week and next week.

According to the latest implementation of the law on the organization of the automobile industry in the field of imports, Abbaspour said: “Definitely, according to the law approved by the parliament, up to one billion dollars of foreign cars must be imported by the end of this year.” In the budget of 1401, the parliament obliged the government to import cars.

This member of the parliament mentioned that the government has prepared the executive regulations for car importation and if the regulations are violated in some cases, the parliament will intervene.

In the end, he emphasized: The regulation of car import should also be followed within the framework of the law approved by the parliament. The parliament emphasizes the legislative goals in the field of car imports.

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