The complete specifications of Lotus Ultra have been revealed + price and image gallery


The Lotus car is the first electric SUV that was unveiled recently; This car has three models: Ultra, Ultra S and Ultra R. The price of Lotus Ultra is equivalent to 95,990 euros in Europe. The Ultra R model is the fastest electric car in the world because it beat Tesla’s Model X Plaid by 3 km/h.

Lotus company, which introduced Ultra several months ago, has now unveiled the full specifications of all three versions, which we will discuss further.


Lotus Ultra has an engine with a power of 603 horsepower (450 kW) and produces a torque of about 710 Nm. This system is equipped with two AWD engines with the ability to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds.

Due to the 112 kWh battery, the WLTP range of the car will be 600 km or 373 miles. Car rims are only 20 inches.

The standard model of this car has 22-inch wheels, electric seats in front of the car and automatic ventilation system in four parts of the car. The KEF sound system is equipped with 15 speakers and offers 1380 watts of music quality. A 15.1-inch HD central screen is also installed in the center of the cabin. The driver assistant system is also equipped with LiDAR sensors.

Another feature that is considered for this car is the automatic driving system. Also, the Nurburgring feature is going to be installed in the car, which will provide the owner with the possibility of driving at high speed.

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The Ultra S model is equipped with additional equipment such as a privacy screen protector, rear spoiler, soft-close doors, auto-dimming mirrors, KEF’s upgraded sound and air quality system, plus 23 speakers and a 2,160-watt amplifier.

The power of the Ultra R engine also reaches 905 horsepower (675 kW) and will have a torque equivalent to 985 Nm. Also, this model can travel from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in less than three seconds. The maximum speed that the driver can go with the Ultra R is 265 km/h or 165 mph. It also features a carbon fiber package, gloss black wheels, stainless steel pedals, black badges plus excellent tires.

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Ultra S

Ultra R

Maximum power (kWh/horsepower) 450/603 450 / 603 675 / 905
Maximum torque (N/m) 710 710 985
Top speed (mph/km/h) 160 / 258 160 / 258 165 / 265
0 to 62 mph / 0 to 100 km/h (seconds) 4.5 4.5 2.95
80 to 120 kilometers per hour (seconds) More than 2.2 More than 2.2 More than 1.9
Battery capacity (kWh) 112 112 112
DC charging time from 10% to 80% 20 minutes 20 minutes 20 minutes
WLTP maximum range (km/miles) 600 / 373 600 / 373 490 / 304

Additional features offered for this car include ceramic brakes, 4-seater seating, two different driver assistance packages, and extended carbon fiber interior.

In the UK, Ultra can be purchased with a 5-year warranty. After Europe in 2024, North America, Middle East and Asia Pacific will be the markets where Ultra will be launched.

The Lotus company was a company whose name was no longer mentioned, but now we see that it has released the fastest electric SUV and the most powerful electric supercar called Evija; This can be very good news for fans of this company.

This car is the latest gas car that offers great looks and performance. The Lotus Ultra electric car is worth going out of our way to buy, or even working multiple jobs.

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