The claim of alertness of Google’s artificial intelligence robot caused one of the company’s engineers to be fired!


Last week, Google announced that it recently fired one of its senior software engineers who claimed that the company’s artificial intelligence chatbot possessed intelligence. According to Reuters, Blake Lemoine; The former Google software engineer was fired from the workplace last month due to violating some of the company’s policies.

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In addition, the search giant found that this person’s claim regarding the LaMDA chat bot benefiting from emotion is also completely unfounded. A Google spokesperson told Reuters: “Despite extensive engagement, Blake Lemoine continues to consistently violate our transparent employment and data security policies, which include the protection of product information.”


For the information of the uninformed, it should be noted that Google announced last year that LaMDA (Language Model for Conversational Programs) can basically be trained in the context of conversation, and this will basically allow the company’s chatbot to talk about any topic. Google and many prominent scientists have rejected the claims made by Mr. Lemoine.

LaMDA is a sophisticated algorithm designed to create convincing human speech. So, unfortunately, it seems that there is still some distance left until the complete conquest of the world by artificial intelligence technologies.

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