The chip war between the United States and China has begun


It seems that the chip war between China and the United States has intensified and entered a new phase of tension since last week. According to media reports, the US Department of Commerce has strengthened sanctions to such an extent that experts believe that China’s semiconductor industry will be severely damaged. This sanction is similar to the actions that were implemented against Huawei in 2019.

The Bureau of Industry and Security (BSI) announces the severe US sanctions. Based on this, China’s chip industry will be severely damaged and Samsung and TSMC companies will receive an exemption license for a period of 1 year. Thus, the United States will impose severe sanctions against the Chinese semiconductor industry.


Now everyone remembers the events of 2019. At that time, Donald Trump; The President of the United States at the time implemented measures against the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei. At that time, Huawei was known as a very successful company in the world. Since then, the smartphones released by Huawei in Western markets lack 5G connectivity, and access to Google Mobile Services (GMS) is also severely limited.

However, now it seems that a more devastating scenario is on the way; Because according to a media report published by Computer Base, the sanctions recently issued by the US Bureau of Industry and Security (BSI) could put the entire Chinese chip industry at risk. To be more precise, the new export controls were released on October 7 (October 15) and the United States sanctions were implemented on October 12 (October 20). To put it more simply, this means that with the immediate implementation of these sanctions, it will not be possible to use American technologies to produce chips with lithography of less than 16 nm.

These sanctions affect both hardware (such as production tools) and software. In this case, US-made EUV lighting systems and DUV scanners play a key role. NAND and DRAM memory chips are also affected. In the production of these memories, 18 nm lithography and 128-layer structure are used. In addition, US citizens are now prohibited from participating in the development or construction of Chinese semiconductor factories. Failure to comply with these rules will result in revocation of US citizenship. According to South China Morning Post, American engineers are currently leaving China en masse.

The world’s largest Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC, the international semiconductor manufacturing company SMIC, Samsung and SK Hynix are also affected by the new sanctions. However, TSMC and Samsung have received a temporary exemption and this exemption is valid for a period of 1 year.

The US justifies the imposition of sanctions against the Chinese chip industry under the pretext of its national security

This time, the United States has pointed to the threat to its national security in explaining the reasons for imposing severe sanctions against China; An issue that was also mentioned at the time of sanctions against Huawei. In this regard, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States commented: “As I announced to the Congress in July; Our goal at the Office of Industry and Security is to ensure that we use all of our power to protect America’s national security and prevent the People’s Republic of China’s military and intelligence and security services from accessing sensitive technologies for military purposes.”

For the information of people who thought that banning Huawei was one of Donald Trump’s inappropriate decisions; It should be noted that Joe Biden; The current US president also follows a similar ideology. According to his statements, it seems that the US government is planning to produce chips that start in the US and end there.

What do you think about the new US sanctions against the Chinese chip industry? Do you think that the war of chips will ultimately have negative consequences for the United States, or does the strong position of the United States in the international arena require the government of this country to show off its power to others by implementing such measures?

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