The Boeing X-37B spacecraft spent its 900th day in orbit


The Boeing X-37B military unmanned spacecraft is a well-known name for aerospace technology enthusiasts. Of course, this fame has not caused a lot of information about this spacecraft. In fact, without knowing the purpose of this work, the Boeing X-37B has been orbiting the earth for nine hundred days.

The third test mission of this mysterious spacecraft, known as the OTV-6 mission, began in May 2020 and is still ongoing. The previous record was for 719 days, which was set in 2019, but now it has been broken. Still no one knows how many days this period of the Boeing X-37B mission will last.


There are many rumors about the design goals of this spacecraft. It is often discussed that the Boeing X-37B spacecraft is a tool for testing orbital weapons. Although the main mission of this spacecraft is not known, little information has been obtained about its secondary objectives.

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For example, in the current mission, the photoelectric antenna module belonging to the US Naval Research Laboratory is being used experimentally. Another side mission of this spacecraft is to conduct two research experiments for NASA, in which the effect of radiation and other cosmic effects on samples of seeds that are used for cultivation are investigated.

The Boeing X-37B spacecraft was designed and manufactured by Boeing in 2006 and made its first space flight in 2010. As mentioned, this spacecraft is unmanned and after performing the desired operations, it returns to the earth’s atmosphere and lands on the runway of the designated airport like a space plane.

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