The blue light of the phone screen can cause premature aging of users


This recent research confirms that excessive enthusiasm for smartphones or personal computers can cause problems for users. In fact, scientists have discovered other potential dangers of using modern electronic devices.

Research results show that exposure to blue light emitted by the screens of personal computers and smartphones can accelerate the aging process of people. The validity of this theory has been proven by conducting experiments on fruit flies. Studies show that the blue light of the display of electronic devices changes the levels of chemicals inside the cells and causes them to be destroyed faster.


The amount of chemical compounds responsible for the implementation of metabolism in cells for flies that were kept under blue light; It was many times more. At the same time, the level of other compounds that are responsible for transmitting nerve signals between neurons also decreased. In other words, exposing flies to intense blue light causes premature aging of their body cells. Of course, it is not yet clear whether this theory will be true for humans or not. Therefore, a more accurate statement in this field will depend on the implementation of more extensive experiments on different species of mammals.

Scientists used 165 watt lamps in their experiments; While the amount of energy consumed by the display of smartphones or personal computers is several times lower. These results were obtained while previous reports mentioned the beneficial properties of blue light for the body.

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