The best Xbox monopolies you should not miss

The best Xbox games that will not make you regret.


The best Xbox exclusive titles are the ones you can experience in the Microsoft gaming ecosystem. This means that these games are not limited to consoles, but can be experienced on Windows, and that’s not the whole story; Because most of them are also available on Gimps and can be easily accessed.

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14. The Ascent

From the corners of the game, the retro cyberpunk shooter made by Neon Giant shows the feeling of the game. A neon-flooded dungeon that has become a hotbed of various groups after the mysterious fall of the Ascent group, which was in charge of the city. The combat gameplay and its four-player co-op system will surely be a delight for those who love a showdown with friends.


13. Rare Replay

Rare Replay is one of those games that has collected the best of a studio. Released on Rare Studio’s 30th anniversary, the game allows players to combine characters created by the studio from the release of 2D games to the Xbox 360 in one game. This game is also available in Game Pass and you can easily experience it.

12. Microsoft Flight Simulator

Ever wanted something a bit different for your home or city? Even that curiosity is enough to experience Microsoft Flight Simulator. When you enter it, you will find that the creators have included everything that is expected of a flight simulator; From the impeccable design of various aircraft to the various landscapes across the planet that you can fly up to 50,000 feet.

11. Sable

Sable is one of the special standalone titles on this list that puts the player in a dry world with simple coloring. Its Japanese soundtrack is another advantage of exploring this mysterious world, and if you are interested in experiencing it, you can easily get it through the Xbox GamePap service.

10. Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Is it possible to imagine an Xbox without Hilo? It was the Hilo series of games that helped the Xbox establish its foothold in the gaming world. Purchasing Halo: The Master Chief Collection is a must for Hilo fans, as it not only includes the first to fourth versions, but also allows players to experience the original version or remaster of the early parts. In addition, their multiplayer part is also active, but after years, they no longer have the former crowds.

9. Quantum Break

Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break (produced by Max Payne and Alan Wake) contained moments that combined its third-person shooter with supernatural powers. As Jack Royce, the player gains the power to make a difference in time and must use this extraordinary power to fight against armed enemies and prevent the catastrophic end of the world. Believe me, just stopping the enemies in the bubbles in which time has stopped and firing bullets at them and then jumping towards the other enemies is enough to make Quantum Break worth playing.

8. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

There is only one alternative to Ori and the Blind Forest, and that is the next version of the same game, Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Both versions are definitely worth playing, but in the latest version all the features of the previous version have been improved; From floating platforms and its beautiful world to its sad story. Ori and the Will of the Wisps appear more creative and challenging, engaging the player more than ever, thanks to a modified combat system and limited personalization. The game is boldly one of the best two-dimensional platformers built to date and a great ending to one of the best stories on the Xbox.

7. Sunset Overdrive

Insomniac Games is known for building the Ratchet & Clank collection, which was known for its collection of strange weapons. The studio decided to use its experience in building a variety of exotic rockets to build an open world game in a colorful and crowded metropolis. Players in Sunsest Overdrive can fire as much as they want. You can use fire rockets, explosive teddy bears, and حرکت to destroy an army of mutants, robots, and other dungeons. Although its sharp jokes are gradually repeated, the freedom and excitement of jumping and moving in the sky of urban areas of the game are worth experiencing.

6. Forza Motorsport 7

A great racing experience in 4K resolution with better artificial intelligence, improved handling, more sensitive collisions and anything that makes you feel like you are riding in a race car. The high accuracy of the commands enabled the players to create great moments by maximizing their power and drifting around corners. Everything was ready for a fun and realistic experience, all it took was a little effort for the player to get the cars and progress in the game.

5. Halo Infinite

The Halo Infinite multi-year production process was not without its problems, but when the game was finally released; All the fans were amazed by the focused and attractive multiplayer mode along with the open world mode of its story section. This version managed to revive Hilo’s atmosphere since the release of Halo Reach in 2010, and in addition, by adding the ability to use hooks, they gave players attractive mobility, which made battle scenes more enjoyable. they did.

4. Forza Horizon 5

There is no doubt that Forza Horizon is currently the best racing game series, and the latest release in Mexico continues the same path to success. Mexico is full of places where tires can be pulled out, from drifting around a volcano to swirling in the swamps and competing with cars that do not disappoint at speed.

3. Psychonauts 2

Sixteen years after the release of the first version of the game, our eyes finally opened to the beauty of the second version, and this long wait was worth it, and again we can enjoy its music while navigating different minds. Psychonatz 2 is a multi-platform game and is also available for PlayStation 4, but the best platforms on which you can experience the game are Xbox and PC. A great fantasy platformer whose steps are so cleverly designed that they seem to take years to build. Also, for those who have not experienced the original version, a summary of the previous part is included at the beginning of the game.

2. Sea of ​​Thieves

One of the titles Xbox owners can give to other consoles is to have games like Sea of ​​Thieves. Adventure in the seas, finding treasure by crossing maps, battling skeletons and undead, and trading with itinerant traders are all possible in the Sea of ​​Thives, but that’s not all. It’s enough to be with a few friends to make these adventures one of the most fun games of your life.

1. Gears 5

The story of Gears 5 takes place immediately after the events of Gears of War 4. In the aftermath of Kate Diaz’s adventures, she tries to come to terms with her mother’s death and learn more about her past and its connection to the necklace her mother gave her. There are other memorable characters, from Marcus Phoenix himself to his son Jedi. Of course, the game’s entertainment is not limited to the story section and its co-op; Because there is a special multiplayer section for the game that can be enjoyed to the fullest.


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