The Best Free Android + iPhone Games of 2020


On early 2020, we were witness to release of a variety of best free games such as the Android and iPhone game “Forgotton Anne” and the role-playing game “My Zombie Wife”, available for free.

Among the best free games of January, we saw a variety of adventurous, including the Android and iPhone game “Destiny of Khando”. In this game, players must save the planet from monsters. Also for adventure enthusiasts we had games like Mineblast !! and Snowman Story, all released for free on the mobile platform.

Auto Chess for Heroes Infinity

  • Category: Strategy
  • Developer Studio: DIVMOB
the best android games

This month’s first games is Auto Chess for Heroes Infinity. This action game from DIVMOB Studios is one of the best free android games. It tells the adventures of heroes in a world full of demons. In this game you enter the world of Heroes Infinity and begin your dream journey through different lands and cities.

Furthermore, the battles of the game are simultaneous and strategic, utilizing various dynamic effects and animations. In this game, the player can free up different champions and merge them together to build a powerful team.

The game has a total of 3 different modes, each giving players a different experience. For example, in Adventure mode you can gain experience and upgrade your champions by defeating enemies. Challenge your legendary team in Skyscraper mode by going through different levels of difficulty and collecting heroes. In Star Gates mode, you can summon mysterious heroes. Matches are played in an environment such as chess and five against five, and players can improve their rankings on the World Leaderboard by defeating their opponents. If you’re a fan of strategy games, and you are looking for best free android games then don’t miss Auto Chess for Heroes Infinity.

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Destiny of Khando: Action Platformer 2D

  • Category: Adventure
  • Developer Studio: Orientino Games
the best android games

Destiny of Khando is one of the best free android platformer games and adventure games for Android and iPhone that Orientino Studios has been developing. The story of humanity is in jeopardy once again, and the question is, are you brave enough to save the planet from the monsters? The stages of the game are designed manually, in five different worlds, and players are presented with 50 stages.

Moreover, to complete the game, players must go through five exciting buzzwords, each of which can be challenging. In this game you also need to collect diamonds to buy new abilities. The campaign is such that creators of enemies of varying degrees are included in the game so that the Destiny of Khando experience will never be repeated. All of the game’s animations are designed in pixel art and convey a nostalgic sense to the players. All in all, Destiny of Khando is a fun adventure that can keep you busy for a few hours which is a completely free android game.

Era Combat – Online PvP Shooter

  • Category: Action
  • Developer Studio: Mad Dog Games, LLC
the best android games

Era Combat is one of the best free action and shooter android games where you have to battle the best players around the world. The combat mechanism of this first-person shooter is a team, and you have to choose from unique sci-fi weapons, abilities, technologies, and jets packed into the game map.

In this game you can choose your favorite PvP missions and do your best to win. Era Combat is great for fans of high-speed 3D shooters with small teams where the smallest mistake can be very deadly. Game battles are three-in-three, and the creators have enabled automatic punctuation for players’ convenience.

It should also be noted that the game map is very complex and the creators have suggested the best solution is to use a jet pack and fly over it. The game takes advantage of popular events that allow you to earn points. You can download and experience this nice game of andorid now for free from the playstore.

Forgotton Anne

  • Style: Adventure
  • Developer Studio: Hitcents
the best android games

Forgotton Anne is one of the best free android and iphone games which is a fascinating adventure game from Hitcents Studios. This game is recently released for Android phones and iPhones. Imagine a place where all the lost and lost things are. Items like old toys, letters, socks, etc., each have a story in their background.

Moreover, “Forgotten Lands” is a magical world filled with objects forgotten from memories. Forgotton Anne is an adventure game with meaningful storytelling and various platforming puzzles. In this game you play the role of a girl named Anne who is in charge of keeping order in this world. She must suppress an insurgency that may prevent her and her master Bonku from returning to human world. The design of the environments is extremely beautiful, each with its own content and personality.

To solve the riddles and control the life of the Forgotten Lands you have to bring in a force called Anima. You can also customize the storytelling process to your liking by choosing the dialogs and tasks you do throughout the game. The game’s visual effects and character design are cartoonish, giving you an unforgettable experience. If you are looking for best free android games of this month then don’t miss this one.

Hoop League Tactics

  • Category: Sport
  • Developer Studio: Koality Game
the best android games

The next best free game of the month is dedicated to a sporting and entertaining work from Koality Game Studios which is one of the best free android games. Hoop League Tactics is a basketball game where players can only experience the sport in offensive and defensive modes. In gameplay, if you manage to get the ball out of your opponent, you are on the offensive, otherwise you have to defend your basket against the opponent’s attack.

Moreover, in the offensive game of Hoop League Tactics you can get points by passing. In fact, in this game you do not have the opportunity to play all over the field and only in defensive and offensive conditions you can take control of your team. When you have the ball, you can put other players in the right position. You can win by passing, throwing the ball, and dribbling.

Similarly, in defensive mode you must also prevent the opponent from throwing the ball and scoring. In fact, you can grab the ball from the opponent with proper timing and hit your player and get offensive. The creative studio uses two friendly game modes and seasonal games to entertain the players so they can enjoy a long and enjoyable experience. Hoop League Tactics with its 2D and Pixel graphics is a game that can keep basketball fans entertained for hours. You can Download Hoop League Tactics and other best free Android games from PlayStore.

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Icy Drift

  • Category: Arcade
  • Developer Studio: Bushiroad International Pte Ltd
the best android games

Icy Drift is an arcade and entertaining game from Bushiroad Studio. In this game players navigate the dangerous Antarctic by playing the role of an animal. In Classic Mode you can try to reach the end flag of each stage and release different characters and equipment by collecting more coins. The game is very satisfying in terms of the number of stages, with the creators placing two classic stages with varying degrees of difficulty.

In addition to Classic mode, players can play in Endless mode to get the best score. There is also a game mode called Survival Mode that presents the toughest challenges possible to players. The creators have put more than 30 different items in the game for you to find and earn points. Overall Icy Drift is a game in which you can drag and enjoy as much as you can. This fun game along with other best games for android and iPhone now can be downloaded for free from the PlayStore and App Store.

Match City

  • Category: Riddle
  • Developer Studio: CHILLINGO
the best android games

The next game is Match City, released by the studio CHILLINGO for Android OS. In this game you can make the city of your dreams as good as possible.

To build the city building blocks, you just have to merge three or more pieces of the city together. The more integration you can do, the faster you raise your level. It is up to you how the city develops and integrates. As mayor of this city you have to make it a place where more people can live. Attract more people to your city by providing services such as beautiful homes, fun recreational areas, beautiful outdoor spaces, diverse businesses and useful aids.

The more your city’s population grows, the more points you get and the more buildings you can integrate. Match City is all about merging and you’ll be able to free up more than a hundred homes, jobs, classic locations and various services. The Match City is one of the best game for android which can now be downloaded and experienced exclusively from the PlayStore.


  • Category: Adventure
  • Developer Studio: NEUTRONIZED
the best android games

!!Mineblast is an entertaining platform game from NEUTRONIZED Studio where all of its environments can be destroyed. As the game allows you to find your way by blasting the walls, or by building wooden platforms by blowing them up. Everything in this game depends on your creativity and it is you who find your way through the explosions you make.

The creators have also incorporated various secret secrets in the game to try to find players. Pixel Art Graphics along with its fun music has made !!Mineblast an unforgettable experience on the mobile platform. So if you want to experience an adventure game with different beloved characters, don’t miss !!Mineblast.

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My Zombie Wife

  • Category: role-playing
  • Production Studio: Lemon Jam Studio
the best android games

My Zombie Wife is one of the best android games. The game is one of the strangest zombie-based games recently released on the mobile platform which is developed by the studio Lemon Jam Studio. In its story a virus infects most people and turns them into zombies. Meanwhile, there is a man whose beloved wife has turned into a zombie, and he seeks to find a way to heal the love of his life. He believes that with a variety of materials and a lot of research, he will develop a vaccine that can restore his life and that of his wife.

In this game you have to simultaneously research the vaccine and feed the zombie mate. You need to destroy everything on the street to collect the vaccine needed. You can also talk to and play with unlikable characters. The main character of the game is expandable and you can upgrade him and his cart. Along the way, gain more powerful weapons and better skills to destroy other zombies. If you are a fun of zombie games then this is one of the best zombie games for android.


  • Category: Action & Adventure, Music
  • Developer Studio: MAGIC Spell Studios
the best android games

Overdrive is a fascinating rhythmic game from the MAGIC Spell Studios where you have to drive on the roads of Miami in the ’80s and listen to the rhythm of music. Redirect to keep up with the music and keep in mind when you’re at peak. Every music affects the speed and visual effects of the environment.

In this game, the rhythms of buildings begin to jump and the sun begins to beat. Earn coins by playing the music perfectly, completing challenges, and getting the highest score. The creators have also personalized the game, and you can spend on the look of the car using the coins you get in your garage. OverDrive is a great choice for fans of rhythmic and adventure games that can keep them entertained for hours. If you are looking for the best android games then this is one of them.

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