The battery capacity of the new Apple Watch models has been announced


Apple usually does not announce the capacity of the batteries used in its products and instead prefers to announce the charging time of the battery in hours. Fortunately, the various certification agencies publish the actual battery capacity used by the devices registered in their database in mAh units. Now the 3C regulatory agency of China has started working and has announced the battery capacity of all the new Apple Watch models that were introduced last week.

Based on this, the 40 mm Apple Watch SE model uses the smallest battery among the recently introduced watches and supplies its energy from a 245 mAh battery. The battery capacity in the 44 mm Apple Watch SE model increases to 296 mAh. The 41 mm version of the Apple Watch Series 8 is equipped with a 282 mAh battery; While the larger 45 mm version uses a 308 mAh battery.


The Apple Watch Series 8 battery will charge for 18 hours if the always-on display feature is enabled, automatic activity tracking, and fall detection. However, activating the optional low-power mode allows users to disable some of the above features and extend the battery life of their smartwatch to 36 hours.

On the other hand, despite using a 542 mAh battery, the Apple Watch Ultra has the highest battery capacity among the Apple Watches released to date. Apple claims that this smartwatch will last up to 36 hours of battery life under normal use (with always-on display, automatic activity tracking, and continuous heart rate monitoring).

Also, Apple will release its exclusive low-power mode for the Apple Watch Ultra later this year. This feature will probably increase the charging time of the Apple Watch Ultra battery to 60 hours.

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