The autopsy of the Apple Watch Ultra indicates the difficulty of repairing this smartwatch


Not long ago, experts from the iFixit team dissected Apple’s new iPhone 14 smartphone and found out that the American company has redesigned the layout of its internal parts in order to facilitate the repair process of the phone. Therefore, this handset achieved an acceptable score of 7 out of 10 in terms of repairability.

The back panel of the Apple Watch Ultra is held in place using 4 screws; But does that mean repairing Apple’s new $800 smartwatch will be easy? The answer to this question is negative. The iFixit team has published a video to show the challenges of repairing the Apple Watch Ultra.


This is somewhat inevitable. Apple Watch Ultra is water resistant up to 100 meters and users can submerge it in water up to 40 meters (130 feet). Such a level of water resistance requires the use of a powerful waterproofing with a really good seal. Therefore, in case of separating the back panel of the smartwatch, you should use a new seal and ensure the proper insulation of this part.

Another part of the problem is related to the category of design. The battery of the watch is not accessible from the back, and to replace it, you have to remove the display. This also applies to the Apple Watch Series 7. But the Apple Watch Ultra has a flat screen and its metal body has raised edges to protect the screen. This phenomenon makes it very difficult to separate the screen in a healthy way without breaking it.

The Apple Watch Ultra has a larger battery and speaker compared to the Apple Watch Series 8

Now the question arises, how much will Apple Watch Ultra repairs cost? By checking the information published by Apple’s official channels, we can see that the cost of replacing the battery will be 100 dollars. Also, the repair of other parts, including the broken screen, will cost $500, and this figure will be $80 for AppleCare+ service subscribers.

iFixit team to guide users who want to personally repair their Apple Watch; has published a guide for replacing the screen and battery.

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