The Apple Watch Series 7 explosion injured its owner


A user’s Apple Watch brought back memories of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 series explosions. According to the report of 9to5Mac website, one of the users of Apple Watch Series 7 recently noticed that the temperature of his watch has increased more than usual. A closer inspection of the smartwatch revealed that its back panel was cracked and a warning notification about the watch shutting down due to excessive temperature increase appeared on its display.

Later, this user contacted Apple’s support unit and was told not to touch the watch. However, the next day, the situation took a turn for the worse. The next morning, the situation worsened. After waking up, this user noticed that the temperature of the Apple Watch has increased even compared to the previous day. Also, the intense heat caused the clock display to crumble.


When the user took his smartwatch off the table with the aim of taking a photo of the Apple Watch and sending it to Apple; He immediately noticed strange sounds coming out of the Apple Watch. Then the Apple Watch was thrown out of the window exactly at the same moment; There was an explosion. Burn marks caused by the clock remained on the sofa in the room. Also, this user went to the emergency room due to the concern of lead poisoning. However, it should be remembered that the amount of lead used in the Apple Watch is not enough to cause poisoning in humans. Therefore, the user’s concern in this regard was completely unnecessary.

Incidents like this are very rare for Apple products

According to a person who has experienced this problem; He took his Apple Watch and went to the Apple support unit to test it in order to identify a major problem. Apparently, this user was asked to sign a document not to share the story with others. But the user refused to do this.

An image showing smoke coming out of the Apple Watch Series 7

Problems such as overheating are rarely reported in Apple products. In fact, smoke coming out of an Apple device, catching fire or exploding is really a rare thing. The recent incident brings to mind the overheating of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 series and their intermittent explosions; The events that finally stopped the supply of this device to the market.

Fortunately, such problems are very rare in Apple products. However, even one is too many. Therefore, experts hope that Apple will check the defective device and announce the exact cause of the problem. Users also hope that Apple’s response will ensure that such incidents do not happen again in the future.

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