The annual report of “Bama” was published looking at the Iranian car market in 1400


The annual report of “Bama”, a specialized car buying and selling platform, was published for the period of 1400.

This report, based on the data of the “Bama” platform, provides a more comprehensive view of the state of the Iranian car market and the interests and tendencies of the people.


The position of this platform in the car market, the changes in car prices in Iran, the rise of Chinese cars to the first rank of non-Iranian cars, the interests of the Iranian people in the car field and the change in the installment, economic, low-consumption and off-road car market are the various sections of the annual report of “Bama”.

Bama’s 1400 report contains interesting information about the car market, and you can get the full version, which contains more information, from Here Download and read.

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