The accuracy of Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 sensors is comparable to medical instruments!


Research published in the journal Sleep Health shows that the sensors used in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 to measure dissolved oxygen in the blood (SpO2) are comparable to real medical instruments when investigating OSA, or obstructive sleep apnea. According to this research, the data that are measured simultaneously by wearable gadgets and conventional medical devices; They are in this direction.

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This study was conducted by 7 medical experts, 6 of whom were somehow related to Samsung Electronics. This research was conducted at Samsung Medical Center and the cost of the research was paid by Samsung. This issue has caused doubts about the accuracy of the data cited in the research.


During this research, it was found that the blood oxygen sensor on the back of the Galaxy Watch 4 can provide a real view of the user’s health status. Because the average error in the measured data is less than 4%; Therefore, the performance of this sensor complies with FDA and ISO standards.

The researchers found that the sensor embedded in the wearable gadget is somewhat more reliable than traditional medical devices that can be installed on the wrist; Because the data related to the amount of dissolved oxygen in the blood is collected in a different way. The Samsung gadget works based on the idea of ​​a pulse oximeter (pulse measurement through the skin); While medical devices rely on the idea of ​​CO-oximeter (oxygen measurement through the skin).

Research in the field of obstructive sleep apnea is important; Because according to research, 38% of adults suffer from this sleep disorder. This figure is equivalent to 50% of all adult men and 25% of all adult women in the world.

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