The ability to edit tweets was enabled for more users


Twitter tested a new feature internally last month. This feature allows users to edit tweets. Today, after a long wait, this feature was officially presented. However, some considerations should be taken into account to use the new feature.

The first point is that the ability to edit tweets is only available to Twitter Blue service subscribers. This issue was also announced in the company’s first advertisement about Twitter Blue subscription service. It should also be noted that editing tweets is currently only available in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


This feature is coming soon to the United States; However, no information has yet been published regarding the access of users without a Twitter Blue subscription to the aforementioned feature. The ability to edit tweets can finally be available to all Twitter users; But this feature will initially be offered as an additional feature for premium subscribers.

Interestingly, Twitter Blue subscribers have access to a version history for each edited tweet. Therefore, users can be informed about the changes applied in the tweets. Undoubtedly, Twitter has unveiled this feature after a long time. This feature is almost one of the key features in many other social media services. However, better late than never.

A small icon that indicates that a tweet has been edited / Users can check the version history for each edited tweet to know the changes applied to it.

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