The ability to edit messages is added to WhatsApp with an important condition


The developers at Meta seem to be constantly working on bringing new features to WhatsApp. But this time we are talking about a basic feature that users of this messenger have been waiting for for a long time; Yes, we are talking about editing messages in WhatsApp.

Of course, this feature is still not fully prepared, but finally there are clues that it will be ready and presented in the coming days and weeks.


Not long ago, after many requests from its users, Twitter finally made it possible to edit. Now WABetaInfo has been able to have a glimpse of this feature by exploring version of the beta version. However, apparently this feature is not yet active in the beta version and only evidence of its preparation has been obtained.

WhatsApp seems to give users 15 minutes to edit their message after sending it. After editing, the edited label is registered below the edited message to indicate that this message has been edited.

Of course, there are still questions in this field; For example, after editing the message, how will the recipient receive that message, or how will the recipient view the edited message if he is offline at the time of sending the message.

There is only one way to answer these questions and that is to wait until this feature is introduced. Like Twitter, the user will be able to see the editing history, or the mechanism of this feature will work more like Slack, is one of the unanswered questions in this field. WhatsApp has not announced a specific date for this feature.


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