Tesla is looking to use thousands of humanoid robots in its factories


Tesla recently released a list of jobs for the Tesla Bot program. According to Tesla’s management plans, the company seeks to use thousands of humanoid robots in its factories. These robots are used to perform repetitive and monotonous tasks. As a result, these tasks will be done automatically in the future.

Earlier in early 2022, Elon Musk announced that this year Tesla postponed the launch of new products to 2023 and instead prioritized product development for the Optimus humanoid robot. The CEO of Tesla also noted that people have not yet realized the valuable position of the Tesla robot; But this robot can probably change the global economy completely.


The American company has announced that the first version of the Tesla robot will focus on performing simple and repetitive tasks. This issue will make the Optimus robot play a useful role in factories. The implementation mechanism of this process will be determined soon; Because according to the plans, the first sample of Tesla’s humanoid robot will be exhibited on Artificial Intelligence Day on September 30 (October 8).

Earlier published reports also indicated that the Geely Atlas car will be assembled at the Kita factory using robots (although not humanoid).

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