Tara Electric, a stylish and world-class electric car, was introduced


Tara Electric, a stylish and attractive car that was launched in the beginning of September this year Automobile industry transformation exhibition Unveiled, officially introduced.

The electric car has its own advantages that make many companies think that the future of the car industry will end with the electric car.


Electric vehicles minimize environmental pollution caused by transportation. On the other hand, we know that fossil fuels are exhaustible and are not considered clean fuel; Therefore, the non-dependence of electric vehicles on fossil fuels is considered a significant advantage.

Various automobile companies all over the world have thought about making electric cars in recent years. Fortunately, in the domestic market, it seems that companies care about this issue and their goal is to advance in this field.

Unveiling of the electric tara

Iran Khodro Company has not yet introduced an electric car to the market and most of the news about this company related to the production of electric cars has been at the level of rumors and speculations.

The appearance of an electric tara

Iran Khodro unveiled an electric version of Tara in the transformation exhibition of the automobile industry, which was held on September 5, 1401. According to the statements, it is decided that if the urban infrastructure supports, this car will reach mass production, according to the CEO of Iran Khodro Industrial Group, customers can order and buy this product through Iran Khodro Custom Car Company (Apco online store). do Of course, he said that the amount of production will probably be low in the beginning, due to the lack of the required infrastructure; But after providing the required infrastructure in the city, the production of this car will increase.

Technical specifications of electric tara

In terms of appearance, if we look at it, the electric version of the Tara car is no different from its gasoline version. Let’s take a look at its technical specifications in the next part:

  • Power: 80 kilowatt hours name (107 horsepower) And 120 kilowatt hours delivery (160 horsepower)
  • Torque: 300 Nm
  • Battery: 45 kilowatts of lithium
  • Navigation with a single charge: 300 km
  • Maximum engine speed: 9 thousand rpm
  • Zero to hundred time: 9 seconds
  • Maximum speed: 140 km/h
  • fast charging 20 minutes

The CEO of Iran Khodro Industrial Group, Mehdi Khatibi, claims that this product in Global day level and in terms of technical specifications, it has the ability to compete with cars of its class.

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