Tapsal became the host of digital advertising for the World Cup!


On the sidelines of the intra-organizational event of “Pegah Data Kavan Sharif” Holding, Sobhan Foroughi announced the special programs of Tapsel for the promotion of the World Cup and said: “Currently tapsal And Mediaad has attracted more than 80% of sports and non-sports media and by preparing special services, it launches the “Tapsel Pass” campaign.

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Tapsel is the largest digital advertising provider of the World Cup and from now on, it works exclusively with the most important media in this field, including “Sports 3, football and…”


Tapsal pass campaign

Tapsel stated that the World Cup always provides a special opportunity for advertising and scalable growth of businesses. Accordingly, Tapsel has used all its infrastructure and service facilities to help businesses.

The “Souvenir Photo” event was held on Tuesday, July 28, 1401 with the aim of informing and creating synergy among the teams in the direction of Tapsel’s extensive actions in the World Cup under the title of “Tapsel’s Goal Pass” campaign. One of the interesting points of this event was the performance of Dal Band music, which instilled a special feeling in the employees.

More detailed information about the “Tapsel Pass” campaign will be announced soon by this company.

Tapsel has left the strategy of turning off the lights!

Sobhan Foroghi emphasized: During this time, the competitors have done a very good job in the market, which made us leave the strategy of keeping the lights off and try to show Tapsel’s real position.

Sobhan Foroghi added: I think this competition will make the digital advertising market bigger and this will benefit the digital advertising industry as a whole. Our effort has always been to expand the size of the digital advertising market so that in addition to Tapsel itself, the entire industry and ultimately the entire ecosystem and businesses can benefit from it.

Soban Foroghi: 1400 was a difficult year for us.

Sobhan Foroghi said: Last year was a relatively difficult year for us because, contrary to the growing path we had in the past years, a worrying and ambiguous atmosphere prevailed among the company’s employees, the reason of which goes back to the decisions of 2019. Because we at Tapsal were always among the most successful digital advertising groups in Iran and we had less experience of failure; The idea was institutionalized in all of us that Tapsel will never face a crisis.

At the beginning of 2019, when we started our cooperation with Kafebazar exclusively in the field of search ads (search ads), after some time the offer of cooperation in the field of video advertisements was raised. After the investigations we did, we realized that the project has a high risk, but if it comes close to the desired result, it will be one of the most successful and influential digital advertising projects in Iran and another milestone in Tapsel’s career. So we entered into cooperation.

Unfortunately, our results and performance in this direction were far from our expectations. Little by little, it became clear that in the implementation of this path, there is no economic justification for any beneficiary in this chain, but due to the commitment we had, despite all the problems, we stayed with this project until the end. This issue caused the company two damages:

  • The less important damage was the financial loss, which we tried to compensate as soon as possible with initiative and cooperation.
  • The second damage was deeper; Before this incident, we all believed that we are the best in the market and will remain so; But with this incident, a cloud of disappointment slowly overshadowed the company. And since our industry is very competitive and changing, the message that Pegah is declining was heard from all corners. If the company continued all its activities with more strength than before and the numbers showed something contrary to it, for example even our turnover had more than doubled compared to last year.

The year 1400 was not easy, but many of its achievements were made by the same difficulty. Today’s changes, more resilience, hope, confidence and double motivation are the result of going through the same difficulties.

All our efforts have always been to develop and expand this industry with innovation and creativity and to make a greater contribution to digital advertising in Iran, which is equivalent to the greater success of our customers. You will definitely hear more and more up-to-date news from Tapsel over time.

Abbas Hosseini (Senior Technical Director and Kofander):

Tapsel’s greatest strength is in the technical field!

Abbas Hosseini informed about the technical strength of Tapsel in the discussion panel of the senior managers with the staff of the “Aks Yadgari” event and said:

We entered the mobile and application space two years earlier than our competitors and took the entire market and were so technically ahead that no competitor could take our market share. If we entered the website advertising space with Mediaad two years late, despite the fact that the entire market was in the hands of competitors. But we easily and within a short time took 40% of the market and this growth will continue like every year.

What is certain is that Tapsel’s greatest strength is in the technical field, and this gives security and stability to the business that no competitor can easily achieve.

Hosseini added: These days, we are preparing an infrastructure for the integration of all digital advertising services in a single platform, which is considered a very big event in the market.

Pegah Holding products

At the end, Soban Foroghi added: All our brands are divided into four categories and will be known by four names:

  • Tapsal: That includes all digital advertising. Mediaad, Tapsel, Tegro, Poshe, Raphub, etc. will be placed on a single platform in the future.
  • Matrix: It works in the field of technology marketing.
  • Mediahouse: whose subcategories are Salam Cinema, Beeptones, etc.
  • Fantori: It works in the field of game production and publishing.

This article is an advertisement report and IT Rasan had no role in its preparation

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