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It may be fascinating to watch a series of former Disney animated animations such as “Toy Story” and “Cars” and to see Woody and Baz characters again, but it should not be overlooked that Pixar has introduced many original and creative animations to its audience in recent years. .

Turning Red animation is one of the latest works of Pixar Studio, which has been released in cinemas, and therefore will be released exclusively on March 11 on the Disney Plus service. Disney also plans to release the film in theaters in countries where streaming service is not available.

The animation is directed by the second object, who previously directed the short animation Bao and also starred in Inside Out and The Incredibles 2, and follows the story of a 13-year-old girl who erupts in a time of excitement (a metaphor for adolescence that erupts). Different emotions take place in adolescents) turns into a red panda. Shi is actually a heartwarming, empowering and entertaining account of a woman’s puberty and mother / daughter relationship change.


The events of the Turning Red animation take place in the early 2000s in Toronto, Canada. The story focuses on a 13-year-old distinguished Chinese-Canadian student named May (voiced by Rosalie Chiang), a music lover and flutist. May also works at her parents’ Chinatown Temple dedicated to Sun Yi – a God-given woman with the ability to become a magical animal to protect her village – and constantly seeks to please her hard-working, impatient mother. , Ming (voiced by Sandra Oh).

Turning Red animation

Little by little, she realizes that she has strange feelings for the boys, and when her mother finds her notebook with a picture of her favorite boy (the secretary of the local store), she is embarrassed. This sometimes negative excitement and constant stress creates a series of nightmares for him, which the next morning turns into an 8-foot (about 2.5 meters) red furry panda, and when he sees himself in that shape, he is very Nervous, upset and surprised.

Turning Red animation

“I’m a big, ugly monster,” May yells at her mother after seeing herself in the mirror. The young girl gradually realizes that if she stays calm and relaxed, except for her red hair, she will return to normal. After this incident, when he enters school, he feels that many things have changed in his world. However, some people around him realize that this panda shows a new and positive aspect of him.

Turning Red is undoubtedly trying to enter the familiar realm of teen movies. When Ming (May’s mother) does not allow May to attend his favorite concert, the young inventor and his friends use the power of the panda to make a fuss to cleverly get the ticket money and sneak out. It can be said that this new Pixar animation, which is designed to show the super-realistic and very dramatic world of a teenage girl, reaches the standard level of Pixar’s usual animations.

Turning Red animation

The screenplay for Shi and Julia Choo is full of great dialogue and three songs from the group Boys (4Town), written and performed by pop singer Billy Elish and his brother Phineas O’Connell, respectively, and is as ridiculous and engaging as you’d expect. At its best, Pixar takes a different approach to personal matters. Perhaps the best part of Turning Red’s animation is how “Inside Out” explores the growth period with all its being and from the bottom of its heart, with humor and occasionally with funny jokes. This story probably has a lot to say for young girls who are dealing with physical changes in the body and new hormones, and mothers and fathers who want to help their children.

In general, we may need to see more narratives of puberty for adolescent girls and boys in the form of animation, because their atmosphere is not so childish as to deviate from the main issue, nor is it so serious as to create a dry and unbelievable atmosphere for them.


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