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One of the newest cryptocurrencies in the market is called Bitgart token, which was designed and developed on the platform of BSC or Binance Smart China. Detailed plans for development, good growth can be imagined for it.

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Roadmap or Bitgart road map

As we have said many times before, tokens and altcoins, along with their white paper, usually also publish a RoadMap so that enthusiasts and traders are informed about the upcoming plans of the crypto currency development company and can use it for trade or Hold to make more correct and wise decisions.


Bitgart, which has entered the cryptocurrency market under the name of Brise, is no exception to this case and has a well-documented and interesting roadmap that can be found by visiting the official website of this token.

First phase

Bitgart Token called the first phase the launch phase and according to himself, it has completely completed it. In this phase, the following can be seen.

running website

Setting up contracts

Listing in DEX (Pancake Swap)

Start of advertising campaigns

The presence of a thousand holders

Listing on the official website of Coin Gekko

second phase

Bitgart calls this phase the growth phase and says that this phase is also completely completed. In the growth phase, the following can be seen:

The presence of 3 thousand holders

Start advertising by influencers

Listing on CoinMarketCap

Listed on the primary DEX index

third phase

The next phase of this token is called development. Let’s take a look at the third phase programs:

The presence of 20 thousand holders

Audit solutions with LeaderBoard support

dApp wallet development

Being on the CEX supplementary list

Extensive advertising and media coverage

The last phase completed by Bryce is the fourth phase.

The presence of 35 thousand holders

P2P payment system

DEX integration in dApp wallet

Beginning of media coverage campaigns

The fourth phase

But the fourth phase of Bitgaret is not yet completed and is in progress.

Reaching 50 thousand holders

Development of P2P lending platform

Setting up a staking and revenue sharing program

Setting up a charity foundation

Centralized development of a dedicated exchange

The fifth phase

Finally, the fifth phase of this token, which bears the name of blockchain, includes the following programs:

Reaching 100 thousand holders

Dedicated blockchain development

Introducing the second edition of your roadmap, new items such as Relaychain, Parachain, smart contracts and…

It seems that Bitgart is also planning to move towards its own blockchain after finding its main role in the market and make a suitable future for the holders.

Where to buy Bitgert (BRISE)?

Because this token is new, buying Bitgart is a very difficult task, but among domestic exchanges, it is still an Iranian exchange. Appreciation In our country, this has made it very convenient for Iranian users. You can easily buy and keep Bitgart as much as you want by becoming a member of Arzif and using Rial. It is also possible to withdraw this token anywhere you like.

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