Suing Google for collecting users’ biometric information


An interesting lawsuit has been filed against Google in the state of Texas, USA, by which the company has been accused of collecting people’s identification information without their knowledge.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed a lawsuit alleging that Google does not ask enough of its users and collects and uses their voice and facial information without their knowledge. He claimed that Google violated the Texas state biometrics law by doing this, and has done so several times since 2015.


As alleged in Paxton’s lawsuit against Google, the Google Photos service and Google Assistant, as well as the Nest product line, collect data and use it to improve artificial intelligence algorithms.

In response to this complaint, the spokesperson of Google announced that Mr. Paxton once again questioned our products with baseless claims.

“For example, Google Photos helps you organize people’s pictures based on their facial similarities, so you can easily access your old pictures. Of course, this feature is only displayed to the user and the person can easily disable this feature. We do not use images or videos on Google Photos for advertising purposes.

The same is true for Voice Match and Face Match, which are used in the Nest Hub Max. This feature is disabled by default, but by activating it, the user rents to Google Assistant to display his information by recognizing his voice and face. We will present our evidence in court.”

This is not the first time that Paxton has sued Google and this judicial authority has filed complaints against the company many times and for different reasons. A number of US states have banded together and jointly sued Google for monopolizing the Internet advertising technology market. Paxton is leading this lawsuit.

In September 2022, Paxton claimed that Facebook and Google had joined forces to pursue their own interests in the world of advertising. The case of this lawsuit is still open and it is possible that Paxton’s new claim against Google will also be attached to this case.

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