Strange words of the Deputy Minister of Communications; Business managers are to blame for not listening to the authorities!


The National E-Commerce Day conference was held with the presence of a number of officials and representatives of businesses and media people, while Mahmoud Liai, Deputy Minister of Communications and CEO of National Post Company, accused online business managers of not using internal platforms.

Liai announced in an interview last week that due to the disruptions, the revenue of the postal company has decreased to a third, and this shows that a third of the postal items and transactions are done through the international Internet and foreign platforms.


In that conversation, he emphasized that the top managers of the country have been trying for years to encourage businesses to be present on internal platforms so that they do not get into trouble if problems such as sanctions or filtering occur, but now these methods have not worked and this issue has created many problems for has created the country’s economy.

Now the Deputy Minister of Communications and the CEO of National Post Company pointed the finger of accusation towards online business managers in his words that seem to make up for his previous words.

Referring to the pressure of the media regarding his previous comment about the decrease in the income of the Post Company due to Instagram filtering, Liai explained: For several years, the authorities have emphasized that instead of using an external tool such as Instagram, businesses should use the official platforms prepared by the government and there. promote

The CEO of the National Post Company said: People did not pay attention to what the officials said and developed their business on foreign platforms. Now, due to the conditions of the country, Instagram is filtered and not all people can access it.

The Deputy Minister of Communications continued by erasing the issue and emphasized: If Instagram itself restricted Iranians, what answer would they want to give?

Accusing business owners in private and not using internal platforms, Liai said: Currently, the sharp point of the arrow of criticism is towards the authorities, but the reason for this situation is the inattention of businesses to the words of the authorities regarding the use of internal platforms!

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