Starlink satellite internet activated in Ukraine


With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Internet in this country is disrupted and users in this country can not properly access the Internet. This issue prompted the Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine wants Ilan Mask to activate Starlink satellite internet. Mask has now responded positively to such a request and Starlink Internet has been activated in this country.

The Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine had made such a request to Mask in a tweet several hours ago:

“While trying to establish a colony on Mars, Russia is trying to occupy Ukraine. As your missiles successfully land from space, Russian rockets strike at civilians. “We urge you to provide Starlink stations for Ukraine.”


Activation of Starlink satellite internet in Ukraine

Mask in response to Tweet of the Minister of Digital Transformation of UkraineMikhail Fedorov announces Starlink activation in Ukraine and says it will send more terminals to Ukraine:

“The Starlink service is now active in Ukraine. “More terminals are on the way to this country.”

Starlink satellite internet

As you know, to access Starlink satellite internet with special equipment or the same terminal Or the receiver is needed. Therefore, in addition to announcing the activation of the SpaceX satellite Internet service in Ukraine, Ilan Musk announced the sending of this equipment to the country under attack by Russia.

The Internet is almost out of reach in parts of Ukraine, and Starlink can reconnect people in these areas to the online world. In fact, Starlink can provide Internet access to remote areas, although at a higher cost than regular Internet service.

Now we have to wait and see what Starlink plans to do for Ukraine and how and for how long Ilan Musk wants to send SpaceX satellite internet terminals to the war-torn country of Ukraine.


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