South Korea succeeded in developing a laser charger for electronic devices


For several years now, modern smartphones have supported wireless charging technology; But this technology still faces problems such as low power and limited range. In order to overcome these limitations, South Korean researchers have developed a new charging technology based on an infrared laser. This technology covers a distance of 30 meters and can be considered as a platform for technologies that automatically start the charging process of the smartphone as soon as the user enters a room.

This new technology was developed at Sejong University and includes transmitter and receiver systems. Energy is transmitted using laser radiation with a wavelength of 1550 nm. When the laser beam hits the optical detector; will transfer part of the energy to it. In this case, if people or objects pass through the beam; In this case, the system will immediately reduce the power of laser radiation to the minimum possible level.


During the tests, the researchers managed to transfer energy up to 400 milliwatts at a maximum distance of 30 meters. After receiving the laser beam, the receiver succeeded in converting it into an energy of about 85 milliwatts. This means that the efficiency of the system will be slightly more than 20%. Currently, the research team is working on improving the efficiency of photovoltaic cells in order to increase the power of the system. Researchers are also looking for ways to charge multiple devices at the same time.

This technology was introduced earlier and at some point in time by Huawei.

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