Sony was accused of deliberately concealing the defects of its PlayStation 5 console



A group of Sony PlayStation 5 console users in the United States has filed a class action lawsuit against the company, according to which the Japanese giant should be held accountable to the court for some defects in the latest generation of its gaming consoles. Gamers have accused Sony of deliberately hiding PlayStation 5 flaws. Cristina Trejo; A resident of the state of Illinois has filed a complaint against this company. In a class action lawsuit, he alleges that Sony intentionally hid a serious flaw in the PlayStation 5 console. This problem causes the PS5 system to suddenly stop working while playing games, and as a result, the save files related to the game are also lost.

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He also claims that the Japanese giant is fully aware of the existence of such a defect in its PlayStation console due to users’ requests to repair their devices under warranty and online complaints sent to Sony by consumers. However, Sony has deliberately sold millions of PS5 consoles with such a problem. Therefore, by filing this legal complaint, the plaintiffs intend to punish Sony and request compensation for the company’s lack of effective action.


It seems that the number of PlayStation 5 users who are facing such a problem; not so much However, the latest case is not the only class action lawsuit filed against Sony since the launch of the PS5. Sony is also facing a class action lawsuit from last year. In this complaint, it is claimed that the PlayStation 5 Dualsense controller has a drift problem. At the same time, the problem of drift has attracted the attention of the people involved in the industry, which is considered a very common phenomenon. However, it is still unclear whether Sony has deliberately hidden the existence of such a bug; A problem that can cause frequent crashes on the PS5 console.

If the accusations made in this case are proven to be true from a legal point of view; In this case, Sony will face another very serious problem. Now we’ll have to wait and see how this case plays out and whether or not Sony will be condemned for deliberately hiding this particular problem from the public.

Currently, Sony has refused to make any official comments regarding the class action lawsuit. However, the Japanese giant must gather its defenses and present them to the court to deal with this case. If Sony is found guilty after the final judgment is issued; In this case, he may have to pay an amount as compensation to the plaintiffs of the case.

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