Sony is looking for a business partner to enter the electric car market


Sony In recent months, it has always denied entering the car market. But the Japanese brand with the unveiling of the long chassis concept Vision-S 02 at CES and media coverage of the establishment Sony Mobility Showed that he is still pursuing such an idea. Now reported the tech giant in search of one Business Partner To start activities related to electric vehicles.


It is not yet clear exactly What products does Sony intend to enter the electric car market with and since when? Has. But according to Automotive News, quoted by Sony Mobility CEO Izumi Cavanishi, the company is fully aware of the speed with which decisions are made and knows that if it wants to have a successful business in the field of electric vehicles, it must act as soon as possible.

Ignoring electric vehicles poses a greater risk than the challenges associated with them, according to Mr Kavanishi.. He stressed that Sony is fully aware of the importance of speed in decision making. Despite this talk, Sony Mobility CEO Could not confirm Whether Sony will make the final decision on the electric vehicle business by the end of this year.


In any case, it seems that Sony is still Condition assessment To enter the electric car market.

Not bad to mention Sony Vision-S 02 Concept Unveiled recently at CES 2022, it is an all-electric crossover with a maximum carrying capacity of 7 passengers. This crossover uses two electric motors. Each of these engines is capable of producing 268 horsepower. In other words, the Vision-S 02 engine has a total power equal to 536 hp It produces power and all four wheels of the car are driven.


In designing and building the Vision-S 02 concept, Sony worked with several international companies Cooperation has done. Austrian company Magna Steyr, Bush, Valle and Almotio Some of them are the most important. Mr. Kavanishi stressed that the new partners will be selected not on the basis of nationality, but on the basis of their expertise in the field of electric vehicles. Apart from this Japanese brand, several other companies in the field of technology, such as Apple, Foxconn and Alibaba Group, are preparing to enter the field of automotive.


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