Some new features of iOS 16 that you should try on your iPhone as soon as possible


Update iOS 16 It was released on September 21, 1401 for supported iPhones, with several different features.

The iOS operating system is actually one of the biggest reasons why Apple fans can’t stand using other phones like Android after working with it!


In the following, we will introduce some features and functions of iOS 16 that you can use after receiving the update.

If you haven’t updated your operating system and your phone supports iOS 16, do it as soon as possible to get access to the following features. If you are planning to buy a new iPhone, Updated list of iPhone prices in the Iranian market Check it out!

First new feature of iOS 16: lock screen gallery and widgets

iOS 16 features start with the lock screen gallery and widgets. This version makes it possible to add widgets to your phone’s lock screen. After updating, tap and hold on the lock screen background to view the lock screen gallery. Here you can view and save several types of lock screen layouts and use them whenever you want. You can also use the option Focus To associate a specific lock screen or a Focus mode (Focus mode) especially use

New iPhone widgets and features in iOS 16

To add a new lock screen, tap the plus icon (+), select a wallpaper and then your widgets. You can tap on the date and time to change how they are displayed, then tap on the widget area below the clock to add your own widgets. For example, some widgets include: a circular graph of the progress of sports activities, the current weather and temperature, or upcoming appointments.

Third-party apps can use this widget area, but they need to be updated. Over time, we expect more widgets to be available for use on the lock screen.

Associate specific lock screens with specific focus modes

You can also set another useful feature: specific lock screens to be shown when using Focus Mode. This allows you to have custom background images and styles related to specific activities, as well as choose the right widgets for specific focus modes (such as a calendar widget when you’re at work).

Focus mode in Apple and the new feature of iOS 16

Tap and hold on your lock screen until the lock screen gallery appears, select a lock screen, then tap the “Focus» Tap to select focus mode. You can add more focus modes and more settings along the way Settings > Focus Do it.

Adjust focus mode filters in iOS 16

Focus mode filters give you more control over what gets filtered by activating a specific focus mode. To do this, to the track Settings > Focus go and Focus mode Select , then to Focus Filters Scroll and on Add Filter Tap to see more options.

Focus mode filters on Apple

From here you can choose which calendars, mailboxes, conversations, and groups are available when your selected filter is active. Third-party apps can also use these filters. Also, system filters such as power saving mode can be accessed from here.

The ability to edit or cancel messages in iMessage with iOS 16

Now you can send messages through the platform iMessage Edit or cancel your submission. This feature works as long as the message bubble is blue, which means it has been sent to users of Apple devices (including iPads and Macs). If the message bubble is green, it cannot be edited or canceled just like a normal text message.

Edit and cancel iMessage messages in iOS 16 Apple iPhone

To edit or cancel sending a message, tap and hold the message bubble and from the buttons Edit Or Undo Send use. You can edit a message up to 15 minutes after sending, but doing so will send a notification to the recipient letting them know that the content of the message has changed. You can cancel sending the message within two minutes; In this case, a note will be added to the message window indicating that you have done this.

The iMessage editing feature also works with older versions of iOS, including iOS 15, while the ability to unsend a message is limited to iOS 16.

Unsend email, schedule messages, and receive reminders in Apple Mail

Apple Mail (Apple Mail) has been improved in iOS 16 with three useful features. Now you have 10 seconds after sending an email to cancel it, just click the option Undo Send Select the button that appears at the bottom of the inbox after sending the email. You can edit and then resubmit. It’s actually a 10-second opportunity, but it seems like a useful feature nonetheless.

You can also press and hold the button Send and select the suggested time, or press Send Later And choose a specific time that is more convenient, schedule an email to be sent.

Email message scheduling in iOS 16

Finally, you can swipe right on an email in your inbox and Remind Me Select up at the top of the list labeled Remind Me next to it, appear in your inbox.

Medication tracking feature on iPhone with iOS 16

If you take medication regularly, you can opt out of the program Health Use on your iPhone to add medications and track their regular intake. To begin with, to the path Health > Medications Go and go Add a Medication tap This section doesn’t just work for pills or syrups, but also gels, sprays, injectables, and more.

When you add a medication, you can select the dosage period, amount, and time of day, then customize the appearance (shape and color) of the medication as it appears in the app to make it easier to recognize.

Track your medications through the Health app in iOS 16

When the drugs in the program Health you enter, your records are recorded in the program and if Health on the way Settings > Notifications If it is active, you will receive a notification when it is time to take the medicine.

Fitness app for all iPhone users with iOS 16

If Apple Watch Well, this is old news for you, but the fitness app is now available for all iPhone users. With iOS 16, all users are shown a pie chart that populates with calories burned. To change the amount of exercise goals and calorie consumption, Fitness Run and tap on your icon in the upper right corner, now option Change Goals Choose.

Using the Apple Watch is the best way to fill activity loops because you can track sports activities with the app Workout Follow. On iPhone, you can download apps like Strava And Nike Run Club and also use the phone as a pedometer.

Currency conversion via camera

One of the best features of the iPhone. Live Text which allows you to point the camera at the written words and copy them. This feature now works for currencies too, just point your camera at a currency, on the yellow text Live Text And then tap on the currency you want to convert to.

Live text feature on iPhone and iOS 16

This feature is region dependent and by default converts currencies to your local currency. For example, if you live somewhere other than the United States and want to convert units to US dollars, this program is not ideal for you; Because Live Text only measures currencies in your local currency.

Play songs in full screen while the phone is locked

Apple feature full-screen album art has been added to the multimedia controls of the lock screen. To view the content being played in full screen, album art from the part Now Playing Select.

Full screen photo song on iPhone

To minimize the player and access your regular lock screen and things like widgets and notifications, tap again album art tap

Enable touch keyboard feedback

If you want to have a better typing experience with a touch keyboard, make a small but effective change. Now you can feel a tactile feedback every time you press the keyboard while typing. To do this to the path Settings > Sound & Haptics > Keyboard Feedback Go and key Haptic enable

Keyboard touch feedback on iPhone is a new feature of iOS 16

You can also use this menu to disable typing clicks, even if your iPhone isn’t in silent mode.

Display the phone charge percentage on the iPhone with the new feature of iOS 16

Do you miss the constant display of battery percentage in the menu bar? We have good news for you! In iOS 16 you can enable it again. By doing this, the battery status indicator is replaced with a number that is green when it is charging and red when its capacity is low.

Display the phone charge percentage on the iPhone

You can find this feature from the track Settings > Battery > Battery Percentage activate Of course, not all iPhones compatible with iOS 16 can use this feature. Including the iPhone XR, 11, 12 mini and 13 mini, where there is not enough space between the notch and the edge of the screen.

Pinning tabs in Safari browser

on tape URL In Safari, tap and hold and Pin Tab Select to pin that tab, just like you can do with the Safari browser for Mac devices. Pinned tabs appear at the top of the tab group and must be unpinned before closing.

Tab pinning in Safari and iOS 16's new feature

Using Face ID in landscape mode

The iOS 16 operating system has a useful feature that users have had since its initial introduction Face ID They requested, he provides. You can now use Face ID in landscape mode! Just make sure the device is far enough away from your face to scan properly. You don’t need to do anything to enable this feature and it should work after installing iOS 16.

Find and remove duplicate images

In iOS 16, you can duplicate photos and screenshots with the app Photos arrange to fever Albums Go, then from the episode Utilities At the bottom of the list on the album Duplicates tap You will see a list of photos that have been identified as duplicates.

Find and remove duplicate images on iPhone with iOS 16

Roy Merge Tap to save the highest quality version of the photo. What remains is the folder Recently Deleted It will be deleted after 30 days. If the album Duplicates If you don’t see , you probably don’t have any duplicate photos. We also noticed that the album doesn’t show up immediately after the update, so it might be worth waiting a few hours or days for the photos to finish processing. If you don’t see it at first, check back after a while.

Find and delete duplicate contacts on iPhone with iOS 16

In iOS 16, the ability to find duplicate contacts is a useful feature. Program Phone Open and on Contacts Tap or the app Contacts Open directly. You will see a notification at the top of the page notifying you of any duplicate contacts.

Find and delete duplicate contacts on iPhone with iOS 16

option View Duplicates Select and then on the option Merge Click on each one and check the information about them.

Separation of subjects from photos

iOS 16 has a new feature that allows you to remove subjects directly from your photos. To use it, touch and hold the desired subject, then drag it out of the photo and release it. Options Copy And Share You will also see to paste the subject elsewhere or share directly with another application.

This feature is a little difficult to use with Live Photos, which also use the long-touch gesture. There is a short time difference between the time it takes to drag the subject and the start of Live Photo playback. Try to solve the problem yourself.

This feature works with videos too, just pause the video before touching and holding so the subject can be separated from the scene.

In this article, we reviewed some of the new features of iOS 16. Share your views and experiences with us through the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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