Some Apple Watch Ultra users are complaining about jelly scrolling problem in their watch


Some Apple Watch Ultra users are complaining about the jelly scrolling problem on their smartwatch display. These criticisms have been raised while other Apple Watch models do not face such a problem. Previously, a few users have referred to the Reddit forum and mentioned the existence of such a problem in their Apple Watch. However, the prevalence of this problem among users, or its basic nature, has not been accurately determined.

The latest generation of Apple’s iPad mini is also facing the same problem, and Apple also confirms this fact. However, the Cupertino giant believes that this is not a problem. More specifically, Apple explains that line-by-line refresh is a feature of LCD displays. However, the Apple Watch Ultra is equipped with an AMOLED screen, and it is still not possible to comment on the reason for this behavior.


Now we have to wait and see if this problem will be reported by more users in the future. If such a scenario is realized, Apple will probably comment on it.

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