So far, more than 930 thousand people have registered to receive the free internet package



Javad Mohad, the deputy of electronic government, announced the latest statistics on the status of registration for free internet and said: So far, more than 930,000 heads of households have registered to receive free internet.

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Last year, Ebrahim Raisi, as a candidate for the presidential election, promised during his speech at Tehran University Mosque: “In order to strengthen the economy of virtual space, I will make the internet free for the lower deciles.”


Now, after a year and after examining the various dimensions of this project, the Minister of Communications announced last week that free internet packages are intended for the bottom three deciles of the society, although the free internet packages have a volume limit and it cannot be said that the internet is completely available for the three tenths of the society. The bottom decile of society has become free. But in any case, the registration to receive free internet packages started last week and continues.

Javad Mohad, Deputy Director of Electronic Government of the Information Technology Organization, while explaining the details of the registration statistics of household heads in the bottom three deciles of the society to receive free internet packages, said: So far, more than 930 thousand household heads have received subsidies through the national window of smart government services and the USSD code to receive internet. They did it for free. The largest number of registrations through command code #1234*4* done.

Mowahed continued: In order to know that they will be eligible for free internet packages, household heads should visit the website of the government service unit and by entering their information, a message will be displayed on the page stating whether they are eligible for this plan or not.

Emphasizing that people who are heads of households in the bottom three deciles of the society can apply for free internet packages on this site, the Deputy Minister of Electronic Government explained: After registering for the registered contact number, an SMS will be sent and if the head of the household If you want to change the mobile number on which the Internet is activated, you must enter and confirm the new number.

In the end, Javad Mohad said: These packages will be activated for one year and once every four months for the heads of eligible families that have 10 GB of internet. The allocation of these packages will continue until next year, and in order to continue this project, decisions must be made regarding the provision of financial resources, which has not been decided yet.

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