Snap drivers in Yazd were exempted from paying commission


These days we are witnessing floods in many provinces of the country. Since Yazd province is currently in a critical situation and is facing severe flooding and waterlogging of roads, Snap plans to exempt all its car service trips in Yazd province from paying commission in order to encourage more drivers with the help of this plan. to be served This exemption will be implemented from today at 17:00 (Saturday) until 24:00 on Sunday, August 9.

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The public relations of Snap company, while offering condolences to the families of those affected by the flood and wishing good health to the compatriots throughout the country, announces: “By examining the travel situation in different provinces and consulting with the Snap operations team, we came to the conclusion that carrying out this plan can Facilitate transportation in Yazd province. Although this action is a small step in the direction of supporting the affected people of our country, we hope to be effective in organizing the transportation situation in Yazd. Also, if the flood crisis continues in the country, this plan can be extended in other cities where SNAP operates.”


In the end, it is recommended to avoid unnecessary traffic as much as possible and take the warnings of the Meteorological Organization seriously.

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