Simulating the faces of previously deceased celebrities using artificial intelligence


A photographer and lawyer has recently succeeded in resurrecting celebrities after their death using artificial intelligence technology. This technique is different from the holographic tricks seen in the past. Instead, a user named Alper Yesiltas has succeeded in designing a system based on artificial intelligence. This system can age dead celebrities and show what these people would have looked like if they had lived to old age.

This idea is an interesting way to revive dead celebrities. To be honest, the simulated images look very realistic. In an interview with My Modern Met website, Mr. Yesiltas mentioned that this process was done using artificial intelligence.


According to reports, images of characters such as Heath Ledger, Princess Diana, Freddie Mercury and even Jimi Hendrix have been created and brought back to life in a unique way.

The images all look like black and white photos; Which makes perfect sense given Alper Yesiltas background as a photographer. But reviving dead celebrities is by no means an easy task.

Speaking to the My Modern Met website, Mr. Yesiltas claimed that he believes that any imaginable entity can be represented realistically. According to him, this mentality inspired him and became the basis for the development of artificial intelligence technology.

The photo said to the interviewers: “I considered my abilities and thought about what would make me happier. I wanted to see some people I missed before my eyes again. The result was shocking photos that brought dead celebrities to life and he published these images on his Instagram account. According to Yesiltas, the result of this research is as if nothing happened to the mentioned celebrities.

Seeing the use of artificial intelligence to bring dead celebrities back to life is an exciting action, and it is only one of the scenarios of people using artificial intelligence to create interesting entities. Google also recently unveiled a technique based on artificial intelligence called text-to-3D. This technique will be able to create complete 3D models using simple words. Artificial intelligence systems have also been used to create the voices of some famous actors such as Val Kilmer in top movies.

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