Send a multimedia tweet with the new Twitter update!


Twitter has just announced that everyone, including you, can now send multiple media in one tweet for the first time. This feature was previously only available to people who were in a beta program.

Previously, and as many probably didn’t realize, Twitter prevented combining photos with GIFs and videos. Starting today, this feature has been rolled out to people using the official Twitter app on iOS and Android.


You can now add a mix of media to your tweet on Android and iOS. This means you can include a photo, GIF, and video (or both!) in one tweet. Tap the photo icon in the tweet to mix your media.
Twitter announced the move in a blog post, saying people “need more than one medium to express themselves the way you want to.” Don’t worry, we want you.”

The result of this blog is introducing the ability to “share different types of visual content – ​​videos, images and GIFs – together in one tweet”.

Sending multimedia tweets

It all sounds so simple and in fact it is something that should always be possible.

Adding “Mixed” media to a Tweet is simple and straightforward. When composing a tweet, tap the “Media” or “GIF” icons and select the content you want to share (and don’t forget to add a descriptive text for your creation. Images are more accessible.) That’s it!

Twitter shared several examples of how to use tweets with different types of media, including one from basketball star LeBron James that included a photo and video in a single message.

If this is the feature you’ve been waiting for, congratulations! Otherwise, Musk still has time to add one more weird and wonderful thing to Twitter before he changes his mind and backs out of buying Twitter again.

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