See the sample images recorded by Pixel 7 Pro with 30x zoom


Undoubtedly, the super resolution zoom is one of the biggest improvements of Google Pixel 7 Pro compared to its previous generation model. This feature is a combination of software, hardware and machine learning technologies that allows 30x zoom of photos; Even if the actual telephoto zoom value is 5x.

Below are pictures of the World Trade Center in Manhattan. The camera zoom starts from 1x and increases up to 30x. In order to show the power of super resolution zoom, Google has shared a gallery of images captured by the Pixel 7 Pro smartphone. From 20x zoom up, the phone uses a new upscaling feature based on machine learning technology. Pixel 7 Pro’s machine learning capabilities rely on the Tensor G2 chip.


Also, after 15x magnification, the phone uses advanced zoom stabilization. Therefore, users will not need to use a tripod to record long-range photos. Google has announced that since 2018, it has been working on the development of the super resolution zoom feature; Because users want access to advanced zoom functionality without the need to install bulky and expensive DSLR cameras.

Images recorded with super resolution zoom 1 to 30 times

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