Satra’s mandate to tackle multiple home viewing platforms; Will Filmo and Filmnet be suspended?



Last night, a picture of a letter signed by Saeed Moqiseh, the head of Satra, was circulated on social networks, according to which Satra has requested to file a complaint and request the suspension of several platforms of the home television network.

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SATRA, or Broadcasting Regulatory Authority, has been empowered by the broadcaster as a regulatory body to oversee home viewing platforms.


Of course, this type of legislation by the Broadcasting Corporation for universal audio and video platforms was accompanied by a negative reaction from the experts, because the Broadcasting Corporation cannot practically legislate and supervise in the area that it is interested in. However, this has happened so far, and disagreements between Satra and home viewing platforms have caused several times to oppose the broadcast of various series or impose strict audits on the films and series of the home viewing network.

In any case, in a letter that was recently published on the Internet, Saeed Moqiseh, the head of Satra, directed the prosecutor to filter the domains mentioned in the letter.

Unfortunately, the names of home viewing platforms have been censored in this letter, and it is not possible to speak for sure about the platform or platforms that Satra is considering, but there are rumors of Filmo or Filmnet being blocked by Satra.

In this letter, the suspension order, the filing of a complaint in the Department of Culture and Media, the action to not issue a license for urban advertising, the non-service of data centers, the cancellation of the Inma logo, and the non-acceptance of new program production plans, including the actions foreseen by Satra for the offending platforms. Is.

It is noteworthy that in the last few months, some serials were aired without obtaining permission from Satra, and this incident increased the tension between Satra and the home broadcast platforms. The story goes that home cinema producers were critical of Satra’s numerous audits, and this caused some works to be released without permission. In response to these events, Muqiseh emphasized that Satra does not intend to suspend home viewing platforms.

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