Samsung’s One UI 5.0 user interface based on Android 13 will be released in a month


Samsung recently started testing the One UI 5.0 beta version. The new version of One UI is actually the last generation of the custom skin of the Korean company for the Android 13 operating system. On the other hand, Android 13 is considered the latest generation of Google’s mobile operating system and was released by this company in early August.

The various stages of beta testing will typically take at least several weeks; But now, naturally, Samsung fans are curious to know the release date of the final version of One UI 5.0. According to a new rumor, it seems that this scenario will be implemented on October 17 or 19 this year (October 25 or 27). Apparently, the release of the One UI 5.0 update for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series flagships will also begin in the same time frame.


This information seems to be completely unique, especially in relation to the release of a software product; Because the occurrence of unexpected and random bugs can always prevent the software from being released on time. Also, this information was provided by a news source without any proven record. Therefore, at the current stage, it is recommended to look at the accuracy and correctness of the data presented with skepticism.

As mentioned earlier; October seems like a reasonable timeline for the release of the final version of One UI 5.0; Because the release of the beta version started at the beginning of August, and the testing time of about 10 weeks will be enough to fix all possible problems or complications. However, now we have to wait and see if this speculation will finally become reality or not.

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