Samsung’s DDR6 memory will be twice as fast as DDR5 models



Samsung is one of the leading companies in the field of semiconductor production. This Korean brand operates in the field of producing a variety of camera sensors, memory chips, chipsets, storage devices and batteries. In fact, Samsung is actively trying in all these areas. But achieving progress in a specific path and delivering it to end users are two separate categories.

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For example, Yangguan Ku; The senior vice president of Samsung recently announced while holding a seminar in the city of Suwon, South Korea, that as memory semiconductors become more powerful, packaging technology should also be developed simultaneously. From this point of view, he announced that applying the MSAP process on DDR6 memory chips will allow Samsung to produce chips with more delicate circuits.


According to The Elec website, Samsung’s competitors have already used MSAP packaging technology to produce DDR5 memories; But Samsung plans to go one step further and use this technology for DDR6 memories. Traditional packaging methods only cover the circuit pattern areas and engrave the other parts; But in the MSAP packaging technique, the areas outside the circuit are also covered and the empty parts are plated. This allows the production of more delicate circuits.

Production of DDR6 memories with MSAP packaging technology will bring many advantages

A few days ago, Samsung unveiled its first GDDR6 DRAM chip with a processing speed of 24 gigabits per second for graphics cards. Related reports show that the Korean company is in the early stages of DDR6 memory development. If the report published last year is true, Samsung is expected to complete the DDR6 memory design process in 2024.

According to predictions, DDR6 memories will be twice as fast as DDR5 samples and will have twice the number of memory channels. DDR6 memory can achieve a transfer rate of about 12,800 Mbps, and this figure will increase to 17,000 Mbps when overclocked.

Samsung’s fastest DDR5 DIMMs currently have transfer speeds of up to 7200 Mbps. In other words, DDR6 modules are almost 0.7 times faster and their speed in overclocked mode will be 1.36 times higher. Therefore, Samsung Galaxy S25 will probably be the first smartphone with a DDR6 memory chip. However, it is not unlikely that Samsung will provide its memory chips to other smartphone manufacturers first.

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