Samsung’s astonishing statistics on the amount of memory production in the last 40 years


The president of Samsung Electronics and the manager of the memory modules unit of this company announced during the Samsung Tech Day 2022 event that Samsung has produced a total of 1 trillion gigabytes of memory over the past 40 years and about half of this capacity has been produced in the last 3 years.

Samsung claimed to be the leader in NAND and DRAM memory for 20-30 years. Currently, the Korean giant is developing the fifth generation of 10nm class DRAM (1b) memory, as well as the eighth and ninth generation of vertical NAND memory called V-NAND. This promises to continue to deliver the most powerful combination of memory technologies over the next decade.


According to Jung Bae Lee, advances in memory bandwidth, capacity and energy efficiency have given rise to a new generation of platforms, and in turn have driven innovation in new semiconductors. By doing this, Samsung will aim to reach higher levels of the evolution of digital technologies. Also, Samsung once again adheres to its main goal of customer-oriented development philosophy by expanding cooperation with partners; Emphasized.

In this regard, the Korean giant has opened the Samsung Memory Research Center (SMRC) and customers and partners can test and validate Samsung’s memories and software solutions in different server environments. With the opening of the first SMRC center in South Korea during the fourth quarter of this year, Samsung will continue to cooperate with its ecosystem partners such as Red Hat and Google Cloud and will open more centers in the United States and other regions of the world.

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