Samsung uses Wi-Fi 7 connection for the first time in the Galaxy S24 series


Today, most new smartphones on the market use Wi-Fi 6 or the newer Wi-Fi 6E standard. Wi-Fi 6E is considered as a transitional stage before the release of devices equipped with Wi-Fi 7 connectivity.

The new report of the Digitimes website, which has also been confirmed by the IC inspection laboratory; It shows that the first set of handsets equipped with Wi-Fi 7 connection will be launched in the second 6 months of 2024. As usual, Samsung will be one of the pioneers in using the new Wi-Fi standard in its products, and accordingly, it is expected that the Galaxy S24 series will be considered among the first handsets in the market with Wi-Fi 7 connection.


But what will the new standard mean in terms of speed? The maximum connection speed of Wi-Fi 7 is expected to be approximately 2.4 times faster compared to Wi-Fi 6. The International Wi-Fi Institute has indicated a maximum speed of 33 Gbps for a Wi-Fi 7 connection. Wi-Fi 7 devices will be able to use 300 MHz channels. The new standard will also bring physical enhancements (PHY) and improved medium access control (MAC). In addition, this standard will continue to be compatible with the existing frequencies of 2.4, 5.0 and 6.0 GHz.

Qualcomm previously unveiled the Wi-Fi 7 Networking Pro series Wi-Fi chips. Accordingly, it is expected that the first set of home routers and laptops equipped with Wi-Fi 7 connection will be launched in early 2024.

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