Samsung unveiled a new feature to save sensitive data when repairing phones


Resetting the phone before handing it over to the repairman is a normal way to prevent unauthorized people from accessing personal information such as pictures or personal account information. The necessity of making a backup copy of the data stored on the phone and then restoring them after the repair process is completed adds to the troubles of the repair process.

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Sometimes users do not find this action very convincing and either format their device completely or trust the repairman and give him their phone along with the personal data stored on it; An action that often results in the disclosure of users’ personal information. In order to solve these problems as well as privacy and security concerns, Samsung has provided a solution called Repair Mode.


This new feature will be available in the phone’s settings menu and the Battery and Device Care section. By activating this feature, your device will reboot. Once activated, this mode hides all the user’s personal information, including images, texts, user accounts, and even programs. In this case, only the applications installed by default will remain active. In fact, it appears that the phone has been reset.

After completing the repair process and handing over the phone, the user can deactivate the Repair Mode using fingerprint or pattern lock. By doing this, the device will be reset once again; But this time, the user’s information will be fully available to him. Also, all the changes made by the technician during the repair process will be canceled.

Repair Mode will be released primarily for Galaxy S21 series phones in the form of a software update. According to Samsung, this feature will be available for several other devices in the future. However, since the press release was published only on Samsung’s Korean website; Therefore, it seems that this feature will be available only to users living in South Korea.

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