Samsung teased Apple’s iPhone 14 series’ 48-megapixel camera


Properly leveraging the fan base is exactly what Apple does best. According to many experts, Apple does not really care about innovation, and the reason for such a phenomenon is that the American brand is confident that fans will buy the company’s products in any case. Such a claim is true to a large extent regarding the recently introduced iPhone 14 series handsets. It seems that the new notch design in the form of an exclamation mark (!) (only in Pro models) as well as satellite communication (which can only be used in the United States and Canada) are the only notable innovations in the iPhone 14 series.

This issue has become so controversial that even the daughter of Steve Jobs: the late founder of Apple has mocked the updates made in the iPhone 14 family. There is almost no difference between iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 models. On the other hand, Apple’s Korean rival, Samsung, has targeted the Cupertino giant once again.


Samsung mocked Apple’s iPhone 14 series once again

Yesterday, Samsung’s official Twitter account (@Samsung Mobile US) mocked Apple’s new iPhones for their lack of innovation by publishing a series of tweets. Samsung has announced that Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip smartphones have been available in the market for more than 2 years; While Apple has not yet succeeded in releasing the foldable iPhone to the market.

On the other hand, Samsung pointed to the 48-megapixel main camera in the iPhone 14 Pro series and claimed that more than 2 years have passed since the launch of the Galaxy S20 Ultra equipped with a 108-megapixel main camera. On September 8 (17 September) and a day after the introduction of Apple’s iPhone 14 series handsets, Samsung mocked the new iPhone models by publishing an advertising content for the foldable Galaxy Z Flip 4 phone. In this commercial, a hostess buys the Galaxy Z Flip 4 along with an iPhone; While the Apple device does not have a folding design.

Samsung used to mock Apple before when launching new iPhones. For example, in 2017, the Korean brand mocked the design of the iPhone X and removed the 3.5mm headphone jack. At the same time, Samsung has sometimes used designs and practices that were ridiculed or criticized at some point in time.

However, as mentioned earlier; It seems that Apple fans will buy all the products that the company puts on the market. For example, one of the users reacted to the series of tweets published by Samsung and declared that the lack of innovation in Apple iPhones still does not matter to the fans of this brand.

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