Samsung restricts the access of phone repairers to users’ personal data


After the initial introduction of Samsung’s Maintenance Mode in Korea in July and then its release in the Chinese market in September, the Korean giant has now released this feature globally. This feature, which is also known as Repair Mode in Korea; It allows users to block the repairmen’s access to personal information while repairing their smartphone.

The release of Maintenance Mode starts with some selected models from the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22 series; Gadgets for which the One UI 5 user interface update has recently been released. According to Samsung, the rollout of this feature will continue in 2023 and more Galaxy devices will have access to it.


Users of those Galaxy devices that already have access to this feature; They can see it by going to Settings > Battery and Device Care. By activating Maintenance Mode and then restarting the device, all your personal information for the person working on repairing the phone; will become unavailable. Also, the repairmen will not be able to restore the applications installed on the smartphone.

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Data and accounts created by repairmen in Maintenance Mode, as well as applications downloaded from the Galaxy Store, will be deleted automatically upon exiting the repair mode.

In order to exit the repair mode, it is enough to tap on the icon of the instant mode settings and then verify your identity using your fingerprint. After that, the phone will start normally; As if nothing special happened.

The access of users to such a feature seems wonderful. In the meantime, users just need to make sure that their chosen local repair shop does not consider hard reset of the devices after receiving them or before handing them over to customers as part of their general policies.

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