Samsung released its image editor application based on artificial intelligence



Samsung previously released the Expert RAW application for use by people who are skilled in photography. However, a wide range of the company’s audience and users of Galaxy devices were not able to use the features of this application. Now the Korean giant has released the Galaxy Enhance-X application for this group of users. This program is actually a magical editor and enhancer of images based on artificial intelligence techniques.

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This application, as its name suggests; An editor tool for pre-registered images; While Expert RAW is considered a camera application. These images can be recorded using the user’s smartphone camera or recorded by other handsets and older cameras.


Algorithms based on artificial intelligence can remove the blurring of images or add some blur to the images to create a portrait effect. Also, users are able to increase the brightness of dark images, simulate HDR mode, increase image sharpness, remove reflections and apply Beauty Mode. Removing the moire effect is one of the interesting features of the program. This effect appears when photographing a digital screen.

Some options allow users to determine the intensity of the effect that can be applied, and the presence of a sliding window provides the possibility of comparing the image before and after applying the effect. Also, original and processed images are stored in the gallery application. Therefore, if users are not satisfied with the result, they can go back and perform the editing process in a different way.

Samsung’s Galaxy Enhance-X app can blur or lighten photos

Some of these effects seem desirable and efficient to improve the quality of images recorded with old or poor cameras. Additionally, users will have access to an AI-based scaling option. This tool allows to increase the scale of low resolution images by 2 or 3 times compared to the original mode.

The Galaxy Enhance-X application has the ability to remove moire patterns from digital pages and increase the scale of images

The Galaxy Enhance-X application is now available in the Galaxy Store, and users can refer to the APK Mirror website to download a copy of it.

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