Samsung opened the first smart home space in Dubai


In order to expand its presence and localize the SmartThings experience in the UAE, Samsung opened its first smart home space called SmartThings Home in Dubai on October 6.

The SmartThings Home center in Dubai is the company’s first multi-device experience space in the Middle East region. This center is located in a space with an area of ​​278 square meters on the first floor of the Dubai Butterfly building. The head office of Samsung’s Middle East branch also operates in the same complex.


This space is divided into 4 different areas including home office, living room, kitchen and game and content studio, and visitors can closely examine 15 SmartThings application scenarios by visiting this newly established center. Visitors can also experience the benefits of connecting SmartThings to various devices, from mobile phones to home appliances and display products.

Local customers also have access to some exclusive areas such as Prayer Mode and Sandstorm Mode. These specialized scenarios were developed for local customers by Samsung Electronics’ headquarters in the Middle East region and Samsung’s R&D institute in Jordan. Thus, the SmartThings Home center in Dubai provides local users with special experiences.

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In sandstorm mode, customers can quickly open the smart curtains and block the entry of external dust by pressing a button on the SmartThings app. Thus, users will enjoy keeping the interior of the house clean. Also, the internal purifier starts working and the robotic vacuum cleaner starts cleaning the space.


In Prayer Mode, users will receive a notification on their smartwatch when the call to prayer time arrives. For this purpose, users must activate Prayer Mode in the SmartThings application. In this way, the smart curtains are activated, and by turning off the TV and adjusting the room lighting, a suitable space for offering prayers will be created.

By attending the content production studio, teenagers and young people can present their biography through social media and control various devices such as lighting systems and televisions by touching only one button on the SmartThings application.

More than 100 visitors including local media, business partners, government officials and industry activists attended the opening ceremony of the SmartThings Home center in Dubai on 14th of Mehr.

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